Renovating Again!

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Master bedroom

Master bedroom

We’re at it again! Just when you though the Foys couldn’t possibly renovate anything else, we’re starting another project! Truth be told, this was always in the plans — we just ran out of time before Maggie was born. We were remodeling our home the entire time I was pregnant with her, and finished just about two weeks before she was born. That project was huge. We turned the garage into the studio, built a new garage, added a bathroom, gutted the kitchen, and created more dining and living space by incorporating an old sunroom into the house. It was massive. This one should be a little easier.

This time around, the plan is to rip out the hall bathroom and add all new materials and finishings, add a bath and a closet to the master bedroom, and make the bedroom itself a little bigger. After that, our house will be done done done! I can’t wait. I’ll be sharing lots more on IG stories this time around — I’m pumped to NOT be pregnant while we’re remodeling. I think it’ll make the whole thing feel easier. So keep checking in on Instagram to see what we’re up to, and here on the blog for lots of updates on the materials we’re choosing and how things are going. We’re in the middle of picking tile right now and I’ve got an epic post coming your way on that.

So wish us luck! That photos down below are of the bathroom the way it currently stands, and I’m so excited to freshen it up! The photos at the top of the post are our bedroom, which will soon have a window seat and a fireplace. I. Am. Pumped. Happy weekend! xoxo



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  1. Amazing interior! want to have it in my house , you have just gave me the idea, thanks for sharing this post.