Printable Mother’s Day Accordion Card

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How to Make an Accordion Mother's Day Card

How to Make an Accordion Mother's Day Card

I still don’t think it’s actually hit me that I’m a mom when Mother’s Day rolls around. I still hear “Mother’s Day” and immediately think of my own sweet mom, who I love to celebrate. It’s so fun every year to dream up a little project for her and post it on the blog and then give it to her in real life. She always makes a big deal and says something about getting a famous gift because it’s been “on the blog.” Ha! What a kook. So this year we put together a fun accordion card printable, so you can give the same little card to your mom! They’re super simple and fast to make and will work for all the moms in your life.


Make Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make an Accordion Mother's Day Card

Step 1: Download the printable file here. Note: These are special files meant to work with Avery’s Design & Print Online platform, so don’t fret if it seems like they didn’t download properly! Just carry on to the next step.

Step 2: Open the files at

Step 3: Choose to print on the Wraparound Labels (product #8217). (You will be able to print two cards on one label sheet.)

Step 4: Once printed, peel off the labels and stick them to your colored cardstock.

Step 5: Cut around the edges of the labels. Cut off the excess white area from the portion of the card that reads “Day;” leave the excess white on the other portion.

Step 6: Score a line between all colored sections so that you can fold into an accordion. Fold the card to train the folds in the direction you’d like.

Step 7: Spread the glue stick on the blank white portion and adhere the top of the second half of the card to the white area.

If you’d like, fold it up and tie it with some baker’s twine so it looks like a little tiny gift! This thing is so stinkin’ cute I want to hand it out to every mom I know. But they’ll all just have to deal because it’s got my mama’s name all over it. Also feel free to put little notes in the blank spots and sign it like you would any card! I think we might have Henry help decorate this one for my mom. She just looooves that stuff. 😉 Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

How to Make an Accordion Mother's Day Card

How to Make an Accordion Mother's Day Card

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