Blogging // Being a Business


Blogging // Being a Business

You know, when I started blogging it was totally just for funsies. I didn’t have any clue that one day I would a) have so many lovely, inspiring readers coming to see what’s up every day, or b) need to learn about contracts, invoices, pitches, tax law, and on and on and on. I mean, It’s a beautiful privilege to put something creative into the world every day, the way I get to do right here. But now that I also get to call this my job, it’s a necessity to not only take care of the creative end, but the business end.

So what’s a girl to do? If you’re a blogger, have you found yourself in this situation and been totally freaked, like I was at first (and still am sometimes)? It can be really scary to try to navigate all of this by ourselves. Luckily, I’ve come across so many helpful, knowledgable people and resources, and you know I love to share. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on any of this, but these are some of the places I turn to when I need guidance or answers to specific business-type questions.

The Alt Blog. Scroll through the Alt blog archives for advice and input on business from some of the best names in the blogging biz. There’s everything from tax help to customer care advice, so get ready for an information treasure trove.

Design*Sponge’s Biz Ladies Series. I love the Biz Ladies series because it brings in bunches of highly successful women and they share their secrets right out in the open. There are also tons of really great tips, presented in a thorough but very palatable format.

Sweeter CPA. Helena Swyter is my go-to when I have blog or web-related tax questions. She’s a genius CPA who totally understands this crazy internet world, which makes her an absolute gold mine.

The ProBlogger Business Plan Guide. It’s pretty comprehensive and it might not all apply to you specifically, but it’s a great checklist if you’re just starting out, reorganizing, or wanting to take things to the next level. It’s pretty good inspiration.

Breanna Rose’s Be Free, Lance Series. I’ve linked to Breanna Rose before, and rightfully so — she’s a wealth of inspiration and knowledge. Her Be Free, Lance series covers lots of the business portion of being a freelancer (along with a healthy dose of the creative side, too).

I so hope that some of these are helpful to you! And I’d love to know if you have any more resources to share in the comments. xoxo

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