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Outdoor Tile Patio (And the Full Backyard Reveal!)

Our outdoor tile patio was the source of much debate, but it turned out better than we imagined! Check out all of the details of the installation and materials we used to create our colorful patterned backyard patio.

outdoor tile patio
outdoor tile patio
outdoor tile patio

When we moved into our house years ago, we always had this vision for the backyard: a big, colorful patio where we could gather and entertain. And the vision has finally come to life!

This area was previously an old, uneven brick patio that was tough to navigate and really limited our backyard options. But now it’s transformed, and I’m excited to share all the details.

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The Before: Brick patio

old brick patio

What I loved about our before space was that it filled the little courtyard area in our backyard. Our home is in a U-shape, and the patio sits in the center of the U. It’s a great space for outdoor dining and hanging out.

But the brick patio that sat there was old, uneven, crumbly, and messy. Our goal was to smooth out the area and introduce color and pattern with some really great tile.

I also wanted to raise the patio up so that you could exit out the back door to a level patio, rather than the small step down that was there before.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Tile

outdoor tile patio

I did months (maybe years?!) of research on outdoor tile. While we really wanted the look and feel of tile, I wanted to be sure that I found the right materials and that they would hold up in our backyard environment.

I found Villa Lagoon Tile and I loved how much information was on their website. They also answered so many questions for us during the installation! They know their product inside and out, and they helped us choose the right materials for our project and installation.

For the pattern, we really wanted to choose something that could adapt over time if we wanted to redecorate or redesign. So we went with the Man Overboard tile in Malibu + White. I love how you can create so many patterns with just the simple diagonal tile.

It’s cement outdoor tile, so we knew it was going to take some extra precautions as we installed it. We found an amazing installer who helped us through the process.

outdoor tile patio

Installing Cement Outdoor Tile for a Patio

I highly recommend being crystal clear on the installation process for your particular tile. For us, because we used cement outdoor tile, we really wanted to be sure it was sealed well so that the cement tile would absorb minimal staining and retain color as much as possible.

The Villa Lagoon site recommended a very specific sealer for their outdoor tile, so we went with their suggestion.

We debated a bit on how to finish the outdoor tile at the end of the step, and our tile installer recommended a Schluter strip and I really love how it turned out. Simple, clean, and pretty.

outdoor tile patio
outdoor tile patio
outdoor tile patio

Furniture for an Outdoor Tile Patio

This area has always housed our main outdoor dining table, and I also wanted to add a little lounge seating area for hanging out. I think we’ll probably be moving the furniture around to figure out how exactly it works best for us.

We also added some large pots with elephant ear plants, along with some smaller potted plants. I feel like the plants soften the area and add some visual interest. I’m looking forward to spring and summer when those plants will go through their big growth stages.

outdoor tile patio
outdoor tile patio
outdoor tile patio

See below for sources to all of the furniture we chose for the outdoor tile patio.

Dining Chairs
Lounge Chairs
Plant Stands

This space has become such a happy one for our family! I’m excited to see how the outdoor tile holds up over time. Maybe I’ll do a post in a year to review what we’ve learned once we’ve lived with it for a while. Happy to answer any other questions you have! xoxo

outdoor tile patio
outdoor tile patio

Tile for this project was graciously provided by Villa Lagoon Tile. This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience. This means that I receive a small commission should you make a purchase via one of these links, at no additional cost to you. Thank you as always for your support!

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