Oh Baby!

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Oh Baby

So… What’s new with you guys? Same old same old over here, ya know, good weekend, all that, and oh we’re having a baby.

Okay just kidding, we are pumped! Also terrified. But pumped! All the usual things that probably every first-time parents have ever felt. And it’s kinda funny, we toyed with all of these fun/creative/crafty ways to make the announcement here, but in the end I just wanted to plain old tell you guys. Sometimes simple is best, right? I’m about 13 weeks along and just so happy to finally be sharing the news! Now at least I can publicly say there’s a reason that I’ve been bloated and puffy and queasy with the skin of a troubled teenager for the past three months. So there. I’ve been busy making a person.

I’ll be sharing more as we make our way through this crazy adventure, but for today, let’s just celebrate. We’re so over-the-moon excited to have a little buddy on the way, and kind of can’t believe it’s actually happening. Hope you all have a fab weekend and that you’re celebrating something today too! xoxo

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  1. YAY! You have no idea how excited I am for you!!! You both are going to have so much fun and I can’t wait to see all the fun projects that will come of this. Your little bub is one lucky little buddy.

  2. Yayyyyyyy babies!!!!!!!! So so happy and excited for you and Ryan!!! That’s a pretty lucky little babe you’re in there!! Congrats!!!

  3. Hi! I’m brazilian blogger and fan your blog! I never commented here, but because of the newness, i need to congratulate!!! Really excited the news! 😀
    Health and happiness!

  4. Congrat! How exciting! I’m right with you there – I’m about 12.5 weeks and feel like I need to explain my bloatedness and teenage skin to everyone I meet!

    Enjoy trimester #2!

  5. Congratulations to you and Ryan! Judging on how welcoming, warm and hospitable you guys were to me at Alt, I am betting you’ll be wonderful parents. Celebrations indeed! Mamatinis for all!

  6. This is fantastic!!! You guys are going to produce the cutest, coolest, most creative children (child) ever! You can tell from the love between the two of you that you will be amazing parents, who support each other through everything. And you guys are just plain old fun. I can’t wait for you to experience life with a little!

  7. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I really enjoy your relationship/marriage posts (as much as I love all the DIY, fashion and craftiness, too) and I look forward to reading more posts on the growing little person. 🙂 So happy for you both!

  8. OVER THE MOON HERE!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Now, when you and Ryan dress up like Lucy and Ricky, you can sing, "We're Having a Baaaabyyyyyyy, My Baby and Me!" and I'll babysit! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  11. Congratulations to you and Mr. Lovely. I am excited to be on this journey with you both. I can’t wait for the fun crafts to come.

  12. hahaha this is so awesome. i love the nonchalant phrasing. congrats! i’m not a parent, but my sister has kids and they’re awesome. so, i’m sure you’ll love it. also, cute little heart with an arrow. cutest idea.
    the little diary

  13. Congratulations! We’re about to expect our first. It’s a pretty crazy time, but I bet you’ll sail through it!

    x Elena

  14. A little late in saying congratulations (I meant to pop over last week!), but I am so so happy for you! xoxoxo

  15. Yeeeeeaaaahhh what awesome news. Congratulations and only the best for this exciting time of your life.
    Much love, Eva from Germany

  16. oh congratulations to you both! i’m so happy for you….a darling little couple with a darling little baby! hahaha, so sweet!

  17. Just saw the big news on instagram! We’re pregnant with our first as well! Congratulations, enjoy, try to rest (though goodness knows, it’s tough). 🙂

  18. OH MY AWESOMESAUCE! I’ve been out of the loop on my blogs till today and well I just had to post a big giant CONGRATULATIONS! So excited and happy for you two and can’t wait to read about all the new threesome adventures yet to come!