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I need this reminder more than you’d imagine. For a long time I had a paper with these very words taped over my desk; now I can just put it right on my desktop!

Do you ever have your best ideas while you’re asleep? So does today’s Desktop Designer, Christie Jones — in fact, it’s why she named her business bedsidesign. How perfect is that? After scribbling all of her creative ideas onto a bedside journal for some time, she decided to turn them into a blog, and eventually a calligraphy and design business. Her site is just bursting with loveliness, and I keep wishing I was still on the east coast so I could take one of her calligraphy classes!

One thing that truly struck me while I was toodling through Christie’s site is that 5% of all her sales are donated to Charity : Water. Isn’t that cool? Sometimes as a freelancer it’s tough not to hang on to every penny, not knowing when the next job will come along. But it’s such a beautiful and brave thing that she has chosen to do, and I think it speaks volumes! Here’s a bit more about this awesome creative.



You can download Christie’s desktop wallpaper below! And for more bedsidesign, follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Have a beautiful day! xoxo


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  1. i visited your site a couple weeks ago and immediately made this my wallpaper. and now i’m back, and it’s still up! i love it! thanks for sharing.

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