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My High School Beauty Routine, Revisited

High School Beauty Regimen
High School Beauty Regimen

There was this phenomenon when I was in high school where allllll the cool girls wore Carmex. Was this a thing where you lived?! I feel like the cool girls all had a meeting in the locker room one day where they handed out those little yellow and red tubs of lip balm to each other and swore to only wear Carmex on their lips forever and always. I didn’t get it. Then one day I borrowed some from the resident cool girl in my math class (ughhhhh, math class) and I suddenly understood. That. Stuff. Was. Awesome. It was so smooth and shiny and tasted like minty vanilla and the next time my mom and I went to the drugstore I totally got some. I was in the Carmex club.

Fast forward to me now as a grownup (kind of…) and my beloved Carmex has made a comeback in my purse! Except now they’re stylish lip balms in slim little tubes, which I love because let’s be real, nobody has time to take a lid off a jar and get their fingers all messy when they’re putting on lip gloss. (That probably sounded sarcastic but I’m kind of serious. What do you do with the lip gloss that stays on your finger?! This is one of those weird things that I think about way too often.) Now you can just twist it up, swipe it on, and get transported back to your high school days in a haze of vanilla.

High School Beauty Regimen

And best of all, the tubes are cute! They’re inspired by Pantone colors, would ya believe it?! It’s like my childhood and my adult life are colliding. Each new season there are different designs, inspired by Pantone’s color forecast and runway trends. It’s like my favorite high school beauty product graduated and got a new wardrobe and now she’s all grown up. And I’m not gonna lie, I started keeping a tube at my desk during work a couple of weeks ago and I can’t stop swiping it on. I’ve yet to find a lip balm that makes your lips feel so smooth (and it’s got SPF 15 for a little sun protection!).

So what was your go-to beauty product in high school?! Come on, I know you had one. Clear mascara? Fruity body spray? Mood changing nail polish? Please, please tell me yours so we can all laugh at how weird high school is. And then do yourself a favor and grab a pretty tube of this stuff so we can all be in the club. Buy Carmex Moisture Plus for a sweet $2.49 at Walgreens, Walmart, or Dollar General, and head over here for more lip and skin care tips! xoxo

High School Beauty Regimen
High School Beauty Regimen

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carmex for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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9 thoughts on “My High School Beauty Routine, Revisited

  1. Hair spray. Lots and lots and lots and lots of hair spray. Helmets, if you will. And then of course, at night, go to bed with toilet tissue around your head to keep the style in place, before you sprayed it again the next morning with ….more….hair…..spray…… 😀

  2. Back in the day, it was foundation to cover up those teenage blemishes. This was before fancy mineral makeup or color matching foundations, so it seemed that my face was either really orange or pale! I was always worried about blending it in, because I didn’t want to have that tell tale goofy line around my jaw and forehead.

  3. Um, when did Carmex start looking so cute? Love the packaging!!! I was obsessed with it back in the day, need to revisit it!! 🙂

  4. All the girls shampooed with either Aussie in the purple bottle or Salon Selectives in the pink bottle. Fruity smelling hair!

  5. Clear mascara!! I forgot about that stuff – HA! I put that stuff on my eyebrows. Dr. Pepper Smackers was where it was at.