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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

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Chocolates and flowers and hand-drawn cards from the kids are sweet and all… but let’s talk about what a female entrepreneur could REALLY use for Mother’s Day. Or any day, really. If this is you, or if you have a woman boss in your life, I compiled a list of some of the tools or office supplies that I love and use every day. Like, for reals. Every day. xoxo

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

Mother's Day gift ideas for female entrepreneurs

Rifle Paper Co. Desk Pad I love having a desk pad handy to keep notes on, jot down thoughts, or scribble and doodle during meetings. (Anybody else need to be doodling while they talk to keep thoughts flowing?)

Cell Phone Stand The cell phone stand is one of those things that I got and then all of a sudden I was like WHY DID I NOT ALWAYS HAVE ONE OF THESE. Having your cell phone up and handy while you work at your desk is a game changer.

Acrylic Stapler & Tape Set Because regular staplers and tape dispensers aren’t cute. And these make you feel like a grownup.

Apple AirPods I didn’t think I cared about AirPods until Ryan got me a pair for my birthday and I had to sheepishly admit that they are amazing. Not dealing with a cord while you’re on phone meetings, out for a run, or just listening to music is very rad.

Muji Ballpoint Pens My favorite pens in the world. I discovered them when we lived in New York about 10 years ago and every time we visit I bring about 10 home to stock up. They write so smoothly and they have a nice little grippy spot to hold on to.

Thermal Mug Sometimes it just makes me feel less bummed about sitting at my desk to work if I have tea in a cute mug. Love this one.

Voluspa Candle Or any candle! I had a revelation recently that when my desk is clean and I have a candle lit I can focus for so much longer, and my productivity goes way up. Call me basic. I don’t care.

Coiled Charging Cord I, for some reason, canNOT keep track of charging cords so I keep extra ones stashed everywhere. I like this coiled one because it stretches a bit.

Pencil Pouch Always pencil pouches in my purse. Usually filled with bandaids, bobby pins, and Muji pens.

Bad Girls Throughout History One of my favorite books to look at for inspiration and getting pumped up! The illustrations are beautiful and the stories of these powerful females are good reminders that women can do anything.

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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

  1. HOWWW do people operate without a notepad nearby for listing notes? I have nooo idea. I can’t make it through the day without a
    to-do (to-NOT-do, to call, to find, to check, to decide, to plan, to……) list! ? And the best part is checking them off when getting them done! Make sure your list includes,
    “smile, b r e a t h e. “

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