How to Get a Laid Back California Vibe in Your Master Bedroom


Palm trees

While our construction team is outside hammering and sawing, I’m inside feverishly picking finishings for the new portion of the house. It’s the fun part, but also kind of stressful because have you ever tried to decorate a room that didn’t exist? Try it. It’s hard. But things are starting to come together in my mind, and I’m finally able to envision how the new master bedroom might be. We’ve got this laid-back, California cool vibe happening that sort of naturally came together as I was picking individual pieces.

I did most of my online research and shopping at Wayfair, because it’s just a nice one-stop-shop with plenty of colorful, modern pieces in lots of different styles. We started with the colorful bed and kind of worked our way out from there. And can we just talk for a second about how we’re finally going to have a king-sized bed?! For some reason, I never thought I would have a king bed. I don’t know why! Maybe it’s leftovers from my space-saving Manhattanite days, where a queen bed was just about all you could fit into a bedroom (if that). But once we have that baby I’m going to sleep in starfish position all night long and Ryan will still have room on his side. Ahhhh, that’s gonna be good.

Laid back California master bedroom

Anyway! The rest of the space will be filled with lots of texture, pops of color, and hopefully plenty of relaxed vibes. We’re planning some built-in bookshelves and a window seat, so that will give plenty of opportunity for displaying some of the things we’ve collected over the years on our travels. Right now is not the season when we’re spending a ton of time in our master suite, but once the kids are older I’m hoping it’ll be a nice little spot that we love to hang out in. See below for links to all of our picks! xoxo

Llama print. Mirror. Glass jug. Yellow vases. Bed runner. Side table. Platform bed. Yellow pillow. Dalmatian pillow. White vase. Gold box. Palm tree print. Pompom throw.

We are happy to be partnering with Wayfair to create our dream bedroom!

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