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Remember this post? Mr. Lovely had been away for the weekend and I was enjoying my little bit of freedom! I do love having time to myself every now and then — I think we all do.

But there’s this thing that’s been happening lately. Since we moved to California especially, I’ve been attached to my husband at the hip, and I just don’t want it any other way. We work at home together all day, we have rehearsal together in the evenings, we go out and socialize together — I mean, we’re together all day long. And I have zero problem with it. In fact, recently we spent a night apart while I was visiting with my family, and I actually felt a little bit of anxiety at spending that time away from him.

Now, don’t worry — I’m not becoming one of those girls who abandons everything for her husband. It’s not that I’m giving anything up or ignoring any friends, responsibilities, or anything like that. It’s just that right now our schedules are coinciding in every way, and I’m really loving it.

I sort of wonder if it’s because of the major transition of moving from NYC to LA. We have really had to rely on each other for everything, and perhaps it’s made me a little clingy. Or maybe it’s just a phase that I’m going through — I watch my niece go through phases where she really wants either Mommy or Daddy (or someone else entirely). Maybe adults do that too? And while we’re on the subject, you’ll be happy to know that the night we spent apart was absolutely fine. Did I miss him? Yes. Was I pining away, dreaming of the moment when we’d be reunited? Nope. But it sure was nice to hug him again.

Anyway! Have you ever experienced this? It doesn’t even need to be with a spouse — it could be a family member or a friend too. I feel like we’ve all had a span of time when you wanted to be attached at the hip to someone else. I’d love to hear your take! xoxo

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