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Married Life // Working Together

togetherHave you ever been in a working relationship with your spouse or partner? How did it go? It’s not necessarily the easiest thing to navigate, is it? I feel so lucky to work alongside Mr. Lovely every day, but it definitely took us some trial and error to figure out how to do it well. And the truth is, it’s not always perfect.

We don’t always exactly work together, since he has his business and I have mine. But we cross over into each others’ worlds daily, because our businesses are so tightly woven. He’s a web designer and helps with the back end of Lovely Indeed. I help him when he’s stuck on a design. He takes photos for my blog. I help him write for his. It’s very give-and-take, but there is no formula for the way we do things (sort of a trend with us, I’m realizing as I get farther into this blog column!).

Where we do struggle sometimes is when it comes to being right. We’re both a little on the stubborn side, and we both loooove to be right. So if we’re in the middle of a photo shoot for the blog and we both have a great idea, we stumble a little bit over choosing whose idea gets used. It’s not World War III or anything, but it’s something that we need to learn to navigate a little better. Because I feel like I’m in charge of the blog and I should have the final say, and he feels like he’s directing a photo shoot and he should have it. So there we are, in our dining room, probably standing in piles of crepe paper or something, dealing with not only our jobs but our relationship. And I can understand how not everyone would want to do that!

The other thing that can be tricky is the amount of time you spend with a spouse who is also your work partner. Now, I’ve addressed this before, but I really love spending all of my time with my husband. And because we work from home together, we really do spend most of our time around each other. But truth be told, there are days when one of us just wants some space, or to be with friends, or whatever. So it’s crucial to recognize it (usually we get a little antsy or snippy and realize we need to get out for a while). I feel like it’s also crucial not to get your feelings hurt because someone needs some time apart. Geez, I don’t even know how Mr. Lovely deals with me all day! That dude deserves a break every once in a while.

So what about you? Have you ever worked with a partner? How did it go for you? xoxo

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9 thoughts on “Married Life // Working Together

  1. Know the feeling! We work at home together – we have a tiny 2 bedroom flat (to keep our overheads low), so work in our living room, therefore little room to escape! We both have our own businesses too, but help each other out on certain projects. We both do graphic design, but I work on books mostly (with illustration), while he works on a journal and the usual design stuff. I have to say that we are both fed up with being sat in front of a mac all day and sometimes it’s hard being in such close quarters! We have had some right barnies – usually down to stubborness too! So he is trying to migrate to being a full-time photographer in order to get out more and I am trying to do more non-digital stuff. We have joined a gym and that helps break up the day – and gives the other some space. On the whole we work fine together (8 years now!), but I do like it when he’s out ALL DAY on a photo shoot! At 3.15, we have the added ingredient of a 6 year old!! Wouldn’t change it though!

  2. I’ve been working with my husband for quite some time. I think it’s important for us to have our own space. We each have our own offices because our styles are so unique. We do spend a ridiculous amount of time together but I make sure to even that out by spending time with friends. It’s been going great thus far and he’s the best co-worker a girl could ask for. 🙂

  3. My hubby and I are actually currently in the process of putting a business together – together. I’m really excited but also a little nervous!

  4. My husband and I have been working together for over five years. We also live above our business…needless to say we are NEVER apart(or away from our business or employees for that matter). It can be difficult trying to find that line. That “i will not talk about the business and treat you like my husband/wife” kind of line. We love our little business like a child so its difficult for us to not want to talk about it ALL THE TIME. I find that to be the most difficult aspect of owning or operating a business with your partner. You rarely get that “Ooohh, you’re home! How was your day, dear?” I love him and our life together dearly but am curious how the other half lives.

  5. I just want to comment on how you love to spend all your time with Mr. Lovely. I think that is so great and so many couples are NOT like that. My husband and I spend ALL our time together (well not ALL but you know what I mean…) we even go to the grocery store together. My pastor once said we should teach a marriage class because we can make it through Target together! Ha! It’s just nice to hear about other truly happy couples and how we are not weird because we LIKE each other. I mean, that IS why you married the guy, amiright??
    The husband recently moved into my office which will be interesting. Mostly because our Pandora stations are different…very different.
    PS super cute pic!

  6. Yep. This was so good to read, and definitely rings the bell of familiarity. Peter and I have had dozens of working-together experiences on various film crews. Most of the time it’s confined-space, nobody in the crew has enough room to do their job, we’re running late, everyone is hungry, and everyone seems to get snippy with everybody at some point or another.

    Typically Peter and I have cross-over in our specific jobs and so we’re constantly relying on each other for things to get done. The biggest aspect we’ve agreed upon in regards to “making it work,” is to just not get our feelings hurt. Because of the fast-paced nature of how sets operate, patience and kindness aren’t always the emotions that surface. Usually I’m the one who takes it personally, but we’re good at talking it out later if need be; and for the most part, I understand that his impatient-sounding requests on set have nothing to do with his view of/love for me.

    Wouldn’t trade it for anything, though. Getting to work alongside him is so fun and such a privilege.

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