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A Super-Quick Spring Decor Idea

Two Minute Spring Decor Refresh

Two Minute Spring Decor Refresh

I can feeeeeeel it! Spring is coming! It might not be exactly warm yet, but we put away our space heaters and for that I am truly thankful. I love the thaw of spring when you can start to see things budding and little green dots poking up from under the ground. It means that warmer things are coming and always puts me in the brightest mood. I invariably jump the gun and want to take out all of my shorts and tank tops and get into full summer mode, but this year I’m practicing patience. The house needed a tiny decor refresh just to lighten things up a bit, so if yours needs the same, just tackle this two-minute-or-less idea and you’ll be feeling all kinds of springy.

Two Minute Spring Decor Refresh

I grabbed a couple of cool little glass containers from Michaels — you should check their home decor aisles right now because they have some really fun stuff that I haven’t ever seen there before! I marched out to the alley behind our house and found the first flowering tree I could, and cut off a couple of small branches (luckily it was our tree, but you should probably ask first if you decide to go stealing your neighbor’s blossoms). I popped those branches in these geometric glass and gold containers and yayyyyyy instant spring! Right now they’re on our little traveling yellow bench, brightening things up for us. I think I’ll have to put them up higher sometime soon, though, because Henry has discovered them and is fascinated with the flowers, which he confidently calls “fha-yas.” He’s pretty positive he’s saying it right.

I never used to be into flowering branches instead of actual flowers, but these days I actually love it! It’s easy, fast, and free if you’ve got a tree (which is maybe the best part). Hope you try this one out and that spring is making its way to your neck of the woods! xoxo

Two Minute Spring Decor Refresh

Two Minute Spring Decor Refresh

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8 thoughts on “A Super-Quick Spring Decor Idea

  1. I love this! OMG when we first moved into our house (ages ago) we had these AMAZING lilac bushes, I mean white, purple, and these gorgeous ones that were purple with white edges. Every tiny petal was purple with a perfect white edge. Like SERIOUSLY the kind of thing you look at and think to yourself, “HOW can people not believe in a Creator God?” Well anyway, like I said, we had just bought the house and I am being Suzy Homemaker and I snip off a couple stems and tra-la-LAAAAA put them in a vase on the dining room table and isn’t my husband allergic to them!!!!!!!! He gets this massive migraine and for 7 years I can never bring in the lilacs in ever. Ugh.
    Sorry did I just totally juke your whole post?

  2. I always search for cute things in Michaels especially if I have a Michaels 50% off coupon! I feel like they’ve really upped their game as of late especially with adorable decor items! My home definitely needs to a make-over! It’s too dark and needs a nice refreshment for spring!

  3. Get out, these are from Michael’s?? Running out the door now. LOVE how you styled these beautiful branches, and the photos are so so pretty! I am 100% behind you on itching for spring! We’ve had a really mild February here in Boston and I’ve even been able to start getting my garden ready, but it’s still too early to plant and I am so impatient! xoxo

  4. Aww I live in the UK so it still feels like winter here at the moment even on the brightest days. Love those little containers. My house is surrounded by trees with lovely blossom on which in the spring and summer are a gorgeous pink and white 🙂

  5. Wow! was looking for spring decor ideas, and couldn’t have found any better than this. The tiny little glass container with beautiful flowers are like perfect couple. Have always been a fan of Michaels and this is no exception 🙂

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