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Make a DIY Floral Arrangement from Trader Joe’s Flowers

Get all of my best tricks and hacks for creating a beautiful DIY floral arrangement using Trader Joe’s flowers! Whether you’re a fan of roses, ranunculus, sunflowers or peonies, these ideas will help you become a floral pro.

At my recent book launch, I put a little time and effort into creating the floral arrangements myself!

As someone who loves getting up to her elbows in flowers, it didn’t take much to convince myself. But if you’re not familiar or confident arranging flowers I have some tricks and hacks for you to make your DIY arrangements top notch.

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Supplies for DIY Floral Arrangements

There are a few supplies to have on hand that will help turn your grocery store flowers from Trader Joe’s into lovely, lush bouquet arrangements.

Floral Foam. Floral foam can be shaped and tucked down into a vase or vessel. It soaks in and holds a large amount of water, and you can press floral stems into it to keep the stems exactly in place. It helps a great deal with keeping an arrangement intact.

Floral Shears. Trimming Trader Joe’s flower stems with a fresh cut is a key step to keep your arrangements fresh for a few extra days.

Floral Tape. Floral tape helps create a sturdy base on a vase or vessel with a wider neck. Use the tape to create a grid over the opening of the vase and tuck flowers into the openings of the grid.

Floral Frogs. Floral frogs also help keep stems intact. Place a frog at the bottom of a vase and press the floral stems into the spikes of the frog to make a sturdy bouquet.

Trader Joe’s Flowers in a narrow necked vase

For a vase with a narrow neck, you might not even need any of the floral foam or tape.

Start with a few select blooms that you want to feature and add those to the vase with fresh water. Next, add a few complementary individual flower stems in a similar color palette.

I love the look of taller flowers in a narrow-necked vase; they tend to arch out from the vase in a very graceful way.

It also makes a lovely wild look to have varying textures or shapes of florals, like you see here. We used tulips, peony tulips, and ranunculus.

Finally, add a few stems at a shorter length of a filler or small flower. We used chamomile flowers here.

Mini Floral Arrangements from Trader Joe’s

With a small vessel like this little swan, a floral frog helps to keep short-stemmed flowers in place.

Add the frog and some fresh water to the vessel. Trim your floral stems to a short length so that they’re just above the rim of the vase.

Press the stems into the frog and ensure that they’re secured as you like them.

Finally, add some smaller filler flowers to hide any view of the inside of the vase.

Trader Joe’s Flowers in a Wide Neck Vase

A wide neck vase is a perfect place to use the grid technique! In the photo above, you can see a bowl-shaped vase, prepared with a tape grid.

Once you create your grid, trim your Trader Joe’s flower stems to a few inches taller than your vase. Start to add them to the grid, starting with your larger blooms and filling in with greenery or more flower stems.

How to ARrange Flowers in an Irregular Vase

Floral foam comes in very handy when you’re working with a vase or vessel in an irregular shape!

I love this rainbow vase but it’s tough to keep a flower arrangement intact because of the wide opening.

For a vessel like this, trim your floral foam to the size and shape of your vase so that it fits snugly inside. Next, fill the vase with water.

Then, start adding your longer stems by pressing them deeply into the foam. I like to have some taller stems, arcing out in various directions.

Finally, add some Trader Joe’s flowers with shorter stems to disguise the opening of the vase.

Hoping that these tricks for arranging Trader Joe’s flowers help you fill your home with color and joy! xoxo

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