Maggie // Twelve Months


One year old photo ideas

One year old photo ideas

One year old photo ideas

What do you do when your last baby turns one? Cry buckets? Bake a cake? Take a million photos? Cut to me, doing all of the above.

Sweet Maggie Mags is a year and even though I say it every time, it feel time flying the most acutely with this milestone. We know she’s our last, and to have the baby years almost behind us is so bittersweet. We still have a long way to go until our kids are grown, but so many of those lovely baby moments have flown and that’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes. I am surprised by this little powerhouse daily — she’s a totally different type of smart than Henry was, and gets her point across in entirely new way. She is watchful, inventive, curious, brave, poised, and self-assured. I think she might give Hank a run for his money in a couple of years.

Here’s Maggie in a nutshell: Henry and I were putting some stickers on his sticker chart the other day. While we were getting it all sorted out, I handed Maggie a few sticker sheets to toss around and play with. She watched for a moment and then started playing by herself. We finished putting Henry’s stickers up, and all of a sudden Maggie comes crawling up to the chart with one single tiny smiley face sticker on her chubby little finger. She had quietly figured out how to get one for herself. She reached it up to Henry so he could grab it and pointed at the chart. He put it on for her. I promptly died.

This little one has lots in store for us and I can’t wait to see it all. Happy birthday, Baby Love! xoxo

One year old photo ideas

One year old photo ideas

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  1. I wish you had gotten a video of the sticker (Glad you didn’t because YOU got to enjoy it…but) it sounds like the cutest ever!

  2. Thank-you for sharing this Chelsea. Although I am waaaaay past child bearing years, it is lovely to live vicariously through your mama eyes. I don’t speak much of not being a mother myself, but there is an empty place in my mama heart. Sweet stories like this are a very nice band aid ?.

    1. Thank you Candy! I’m always so happy to share. And by the way, never discount the hundreds of parents who sent their children to YOU, to be an extension of themselves. You’ve definitely worked your mama muscles over the years.

  3. I know you’ve shared tips for family portraits before, but I’d love to see one for monthly baby pics as well – Maggie’s and Henry’s are the cutest (without being overly complicated/full of props) I’ve seen!

  4. Happy birthday, sweet girl! She’s just adorable! I’m a little late to the party, but would you mind sharing where you found that yellow dress? It’s precious!! My little one will be turning one in July and I’d love to buy it as an early birthday treat for her! And another for her two-year old sister. 🙂
    Xoxo thank you for sharing your joy! It really comes through: your true love for those adorable little ones of yours. Being a mom is the best…