Love Notes with Your City


Chalk street art

Chalk street art

Our city had its second annual “State of Downtown” address yesterday. Kind of like the State of the Union, but for our downtown area and everything that’s happening there. There are so many people where I live who are pouring all of their love and effort into our town, trying to make it a place that people want to come to and stay for. And it’s so, so exciting.

The keynote speaker was Peter Kageyama, who wrote For the Love of Cities. His message is all about creating vibrant communities and building a strong bond with the places that we live. We are in a relationship with our surroundings, he said. And relationships are a two-way street. So there needs to be both “what can my city do for me?” and “what can I do for my city?” And believe it or not, he talked about love notes to and from your city.

LOVE NOTES! This guy gets me. I was sitting there thinking of our silly chalk stencil love notes and just thinking, yes. He gets it. That’s what those are about. They’re a love note to our city and to the people in it. For no other reason than to be enjoyed. And I believe that my city sends me back love notes all the time. In the almond blossoms. In the parks. In the really great pizza at my favorite restaurant. In the architecture. Love notes to and from your city are why people come and stay.

What are the love notes your city sends to you? And what do you send back?

And while we’re on the subject, I’ve had a number of people ask if I would ever sell the stencils that we use for our downtown love notes. Would you ever be interested in that? If that’s something that you would like to see, leave me a comment and let me know. We’re in the mood to make things happen over here. 😉 Have a great weekend! xoxo

Chalk street art

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  1. Let’s see….love notes from Boston: when the swan boats open up, the Citgo sign being on, the public garden in full bloom, everything that happens on Patriot’s Day every year.
    By supporting local businesses!