June Intention Blueprint

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Download our June Intention Blueprint to set goals, stay present, and feel your best throughout this month!

June intention blueprint
June intention blueprint

Happy June! The beginning of the summer months always feels so open and full of possibility. There are adventures everywhere, big and small, and that’s what this month’s June Intention Blueprint is all about.

Maybe you’re in a season where the adventures aren’t the jump-on-a-plane type, and that’s okay. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and this month’s Intention Blueprint is designed to help explore that idea.

As you’re working through the June Intention Blueprint, keep your eyes open and your heart aware of the many versions of “adventure” that are out there. Consider things like a recipe you’ve never tried, a book you’ve been meaning to read, a block of your neighborhood that you’d like to explore, or a friend that you want to reconnect with.

And if it helps you to dream bigger, you can include some “goal” adventures too — things like travel or checking something off of your bucket list.

What Are Intention Blueprints?

But let’s back up. If you’ve missed our Intention Blueprint series so far this year, let me catch you up!

At the start of the year, I was trying hard to dream up ways that I could serve you which are tangible, actionable, and that will actually help create forward momentum for you. I wanted something that could bridge the digital gap for us, you and me. Something to both bring us closer and help you feel like you are getting something truly valuable out of Lovely Indeed. So I came up with this idea, to connect us and to create space for you to grow in your own ways.

At the start of each month, I share a (totally free!) worksheet here for you to help guide your thoughts and create an Intention Blueprint for the following 30 days. Every month there’s a new set of thoughts, ideas, and prompts to help you craft your own roadmap. And the purpose? To help you feel positive, create a life you love, live your days with intention, and reach your own goals.

I think of these monthly Blueprints a way to stop, refocus, and stay intentional throughout the year. Kind of like a New Year’s Day feeling, every month.

If you missed any of the previous months, you can find them here. And you can download June’s below!

Download the June Intention Blueprint

Just click the button below to download! I’m excited to hear about some of your responses for June.

Here’s what to do next. Once I email you the June Intention Blueprint, download and print the worksheet. Find some time and space that’s just for you. If you plan on completing the Intention Blueprint every month, I suggest you get a binder or a folder to keep all of your worksheets in one place. That way, you can look back at past months and see all of your thoughts and progress.

Clear your head, get comfortable, and let your thoughts hit the page.

We also have this incredible illustrated version by Megan Roy, which you can share on Instagram or download for your tech. If you share, be sure to use #LovelyIndeedBlueprint so I can see you!

June intention blueprint

Also, if you have enrolled in (or are planning on enrolling in) The Productivity Tool Kit, the Blueprints are totally in line with everything that I teach there. They are an awesome added self-exploration that will definitely enhance your work there!

Cheers to you and to a beautiful June! I hope that over the next few days, you take some time for yourself and use the Intention Blueprint to plan some adventures that will fill you up. xoxo

June intention blueprint
June intention blueprint
June intention blueprint

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