July’s Lovely Girl // The Boss Lady

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Each month we feature a new Lovely Girl, meant to inspire you to explore the zillions of ways you can lovely up your life. These gals are based on real-life lovelies that we know and adore, and are illustrated by none other than the super-talented Lindsey! July‘s Lovely Girl is inspired by one of our very favorite Boss Ladies in the blogosphere. You guessed it: Joy from Oh Joy!


The Boss Lady is the gal who’s got it all going on. She’s not afraid to be in charge, she’s not afraid to be smart, and she’s certainly not afraid of a little challenge. The Boss Lady dives headlong toward her goals and chases them with a passion. And though she may always be spinning a dozen different plates, she does it with an ease and charm that make you think anything is possible. And with her, it just might be. Because The Boss Lady knows the winning combination to make her way in the world: brains, talent, a lot of hard work, and a smile. xoxo

July Lovely Girl // The Boss Lady

Chair. Specs. Lip Color. Watch. Tape Dispenser. Thermal Mug. File Folders.

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