DIY Mini Picnic Tables

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DIY Mini Picnic Tables

DIY Mini Picnic Tables

Raise your hand if you love a picnic! You know I do. I’ve been having backyard picnics for years, and I’ve actually been dreaming of this little project for quite a while. Mr. Lovely has been into the woodworking scene lately so since he was game to help me figure it out I thought it was finally time to tackle it! And for reals, these little DIY mini picnic tables have taken our backyard picnic game to the next level.

I chose a couple more of my favorite shades from Behr — they’ve just got the best color selection! And I was a little worried about painting over a wood stain, but the Behr paint covered it beautifully. Wanna make some picnic tables? Let’s do it.


  • 1 1/2″ poplar hobby wood pieces
  • wood glue
  • saw
  • drill
  • four small hinges
  • wood stain
  • Behr paint in Solar Energy and Prairie Rose
  • paintbrushes
  • painter’s tape

DIY Mini Picnic Table Tutorial

Step 1: Cut 16 pieces of the hobby wood, each 12″ long. Cut 2 pieces, each 18″ long. Cut four 1 1/2″ squares. Lay out 10 pieces, evenly distributed along the sides of the 18″ pieces.

Step 2: Place a dot of wood glue on either end of each of the 10 pieces. Carefully set the 18″ pieces down along either side. Place something heavy over the top of the pieces while the wood glue is drying.

Step 3: Glue three of the 12″ pieces in a U shape to form one leg; repeat for the other leg.

Step 4: Glue the square pieces to each end of the U shape on both pieces.

Step 5: Stain all wood pieces and allow to dry and cure.

Step 6: Attach the legs to the bottom of the tables with hinges. Position the hinges so that the legs can bow out slightly; this will make it less likely for the tables to collapse on themselves if they get bumped while they’re open.

Step 7: Place a length of painter’s tape at a diagonal along the top of the table.

Step 8: Paint the unmasked portion of the top of the table with the Behr paint, being careful not to allow drips to fall down into the cracks.

Step 9: Allow all paint to dry and place a thin coat of sealer over the whole project if desired.

Set ’em up for your next picnic and have a ball! I’ve been loving these mini tables — the perfect spot to keep your food away from any pests, and keep your wine from tipping over (obviously). Cheers! xoxo





Paint for this project graciously provided by Behr.

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