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I Tried It // Candied Chocolate Orange Peels

Candied Chocolate Orange Peels

We’re experimenting with a new idea today, gang! I’ve been feeling lately like I’ve wanted to have some creative endeavors that were just for me, as opposed to putting them together for the purpose of a blog tutorial. I’ve also been feeling like sometimes we creative bloggers keep putting ideas out into the world and have no clue as to whether people actually try them. It’s one of the greatest thrills for me when a reader contacts me and says that they’ve tried a DIY or recipe that we share here. So I’m spreading that love. I’m starting a new mini-series where I’ll be trying out one of my fellow bloggers ideas and sharing here. Up first? Candied Chocolate Orange Peels from our pal Leah at Freutcake!

First off, you can find Leah’s recipe right here. I actually made these around the holidays when I needed something sweet to share at one of our parties. And these were a total hit! (As evidenced in the photo below, we had a hard time keeping Hank away from them.) I confess, I had to hold myself back from chomping down the whole batch. This recipe is a total testament to Leah’s kitchen goddess status — it’s delicious, easy, and totally fun. And it’s a perfect idea for using up the end of all your winter citrus. The fruit trees in our neighborhood have been absolutely loaded this year and we’re still working our way through lots of it. I bet you could try this recipe with other citrus, too — candied grapefruit, anyone?

So! Hope this little series inspires you to get the ideas out of the computer and into your hands! Big thanks to Leah for the inspiration. Now, what should we try next? xoxo

Make Freutcake’s Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Peels

Candied Chocolate Orange Peels

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9 thoughts on “I Tried It // Candied Chocolate Orange Peels

  1. Wow this looks so interesting! I’ve always been nervous to try anything like this, but you’ve made me want to give it a try…

  2. I love this! This year one of my resolutions was to try new recipes, which I have been documenting on my blog, and people seem to be loving it! It’s a great way to talk about one of my favourite things in the world (food!) without having to come up with my own recipes – because there’s no way I could EVER do that – AND you’re helping your readers find other bloggers that they may like! ?

  3. What a good initiative to share with us the recipes that you test I will love, I love to try recipes too, pity that I do not have so much time left over, I liked mjito of this rule of orange cascades with chocolate, it seems like a delicacy is worth trying.