The Best Gold Desk Supplies


DIY Suede and Gold Leaf Polka Dot Mousepad

I have a sickness, and the only cure is more gold. I’m sure one day gold will be out and silver will be back in, but I’m still fully and completely riding the gold train. And every single time I go to target I get suckered into buying some cute new gold tchotchke, usually for my desk. So in an effort to stop buying all the gold desk supplies, I’m sharing them here instead. Check out the things that I definitely did not buy this week.

Or if you’re looking for a golden desk DIY, you could probably make this gold polka dot mousepad or this little marbled golden pencil cup from our archives! Stay golden, y’all. xoxo

Gold desk supplies

LampFile folderStaplerTape dispenserBusiness card holderMail sorterScissorsTacks and clips.

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  1. I love stationary and gold accents, and this post just makes me so happy! I’m in love with those little jars with pins and paper clips!!