Hunting for a Baby Friendly Coffee Table

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I know, I know. The kid isn’t even born yet and I’m looking for baby friendly furniture. But with a 4 year old niece and a 1 year old nephew who live around the corner and come to visit often, I feel like we might as well get a jump on it. My sister and her babies were over to visit the other day and it took 4 adults to keep my adorable nephew from killing himself on our sharp-cornered coffee table. So obviously I took it as an opportunity to do a little shopping research.

Right now I’m thinking anything padded and without sharp edges is an improvement. But ideally, it would also be padded and upholstered in a fabric that is easy to clean, in a shape that a kid can’t tip over, and in a dream world you could stuff toys inside it to hide them when you need to clean the house in a hurry. Am I asking too much here?

I hopped online and found a few options — not all of them are perfect, but it’s a start! I always get so excited when I find kid-friendly stuff that doesn’t make me feel like I have to abandon my whole aesthetic, ya know?

From top of post: Furry stool. Woven bench. Blue stool. Black & white pouf. Faux leather bench. Orange ottoman. Woven coffee table. Upholstered bench.

What do you think? Any faves? I know that round woven table is probably not the smartest of the bunch, but I threw it in there for good measure. By the way, I found all of these on, which is a whole new world of being obsessed with Target. You know how we all love it, right? Well shopping on their website is like if you walked into your local Target and multiplied it by 100. There are so many really fantastic pieces online that you can’t get in stores — but you can order them and they just show up at your doorstep like fairies dropped them off. Target fairies. There’s always free shipping on $50 or more, and you can return ship for free (or return it in-store, which is totally my jam). In fact, I think about half of my picks here are only available at

But I digress! I’d love to know which ones you love and which ones you think would just be impractical with a little one. For the smaller pieces, I might even be envisioning two of them sitting side by side. Like two adorable little round orange ottomans in front of the couch. I know, I’m just getting crazy now. Tell me your thoughts! And for more Target goodness, visit them at Facebook and Twitter. xoxo

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Target. The opinions and text are all mine.

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