How to Recover Kitchen Chairs

How to Recover Kitchen Chairs
How to Recover Kitchen Chairs

We got these chairs for our kitchen table a couple of years ago at IKEA. I always kind of envisioned changing the fabric on them but it was one of those projects that just never happened. Well, two years and two kids later the fabric on the chairs was looking way less than fresh so I decided it was finally time. It was so easy I was almost embarrassed I hadn’t done it sooner! So here’s how you can recover your kitchen chairs in less than an hour.


  • Chairs
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • Drill

Make Time: 15 Minutes per chair

How to Recover Kitchen Chairs

Step 1: Remove the seat from the chair using the drill. You can either remove their fabric covers or cover over the existing fabric.

Step 2: Lay your fabric out on a table, right side down. Place the seat on the fabric, also right side down.

Step 3: Cut around the seat, leaving a 2-3 inch extra allowance on all sides (more for a thicker cushion.

Step 4: Begin stapling your fabric. Pull taut and staple along two opposing sides. Then smooth, pull taut again and staple along the other two opposing sides. Finally, fold the corners down flat, smooth the excess fabric, and staple the corners.

Step 5: Reattach the seat to the chair frame.

Yeah! Love this little refresher in our kitchen. It’s also nice because the pattern hides spills by a certain toddler who shall remain nameless… The jury is still out on whether I LOVE love the fabric — I might switch it out again for something else one day. But right now the splash of orange and pink is pretty fun. Hope you try this one out! xoxo

How to Recover Kitchen Chairs

How to Recover Kitchen Chairs

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