How to Make Tangrams

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Are tangrams a game? For our sake, I’m gonna say YES! These DIY tangrams are our next stop on the DIY game train. Did you see our Boggle game a couple of weeks back? And the rest of our DIY games here? There aren’t too many tricks when it comes to how to make tangrams, but we’ve made it extra easy for you with a free printable template. Let’s make some shapes!

How to Make Tangrams


Make Time: 45 Minutes (Plus Drying Time)

Step 1: Download and print our tangram template. Cut along the black lines until all of the tangram shapes are separated.

Step 2: Trace the pieces onto your wood or chipboard using a pencil, so that all of the pieces are aligned in their original square shape when they fit together.

Step 3: Cut along all of the pencil lines to create your tangrams. If you’re using wood, you’ll make the cuts with a saw; if you’re using chipboard, use scissors. Sand all edges until they’re completely smooth. Wipe down each piece to remove all sawdust.

Step 4: Paint each piece a different color in your desired color palette. If you’re using chipboard, be careful not to use too much paint or it will saturate and warp the chipboard. You could also try thin coats of spray paint.

Play away! Right now, our kids are at the age where they just like to make up their own shapes and designs with the tangrams. But if you’ve got older kids you can print out some of these tangram cards to have them create the shapes on the cards with their own tangrams. It’s awesome for learning spatial relation, math, shapes, problem solving, and so much more. I remember playing with tangrams all throughout elementary school (I think I even remember having a travel set that I took on family trips!) and just loving arranging and rearranging those shapes. Hope you make yourself a set! xoxo

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