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How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

Here’s another fun tutorials from Maggie’s pink Mickey Mouse birthday party! It’s been kind of nice to break up the information a bit so the individual tutorials don’t get lost in one epically long blog post. So up today is how to make giant photo booth strips! This idea is actually one that I came across when I was researching ideas for Maggie’s party.

The team at Beijos Events had some professionally printed for a Disneyland birthday party, and I thought they were so cute.  (The most info I could find was that they ordered them somewhere online.) And I thought they’d be a perfect candidate for a DIY project, because you can make them for just a couple of bucks (mine were literally $2.33 at my local printer). It’s a simple Photoshop project, and I’ve got a template for you to get started below!

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

Now don’t get scared when I say Photoshop! It’s super simple and I’ll walk you through it. (Please note that this tutorial is for Mac users! PC users may have a few different key commands within Photoshop.) Start by taking or gathering a bunch of images that you’d like to include in your photo strips. The file has three strips with four images each, so you’ll need twelve photos. Gather the digital files on your computer.

Next, download our Photo Booth Strip Photoshop Template. Open it in Photoshop. You’ll see that each rectangle for an individual image is its own layer in the file. Use the cursor (push V on your keyboard to navigate to cursor mode) to point at the top left rectangle, which is yellow. With this layer selected, drag and drop your first image over the top of the rectangle.

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

Then, look over to the right in your layer list. Be sure that the layer of the image is directly above the layer titled Strip 1-1. Hover your mouse over the layer of your image and hold down the Alt key on your keyboard. The cursor should change to look like a square with an arrow pointing downwards. Click your mouse, keeping it in the same place. Your photo should now insert itself into the  yellow square, creating a mask.

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

Next, hit Command+T to transform your image. To resize and preserve the original scale, hold down Shift on your keyboard while you click one corner of the photo with your mouse and move the mouse to make it larger or smaller. Make it larger or smaller and rotate it as you desire to fit within the rectangle mask. Once you like the size, hit return.

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

Now just repeat that for the other rectangles! Hit V on your keyboard, select the next rectangle (Strip 1-2), and drag and drop your next photo. Continue in the same manner until all of your images are filled.

Once all of your images have been inserted and your photo strips are complete, save your file as a .jpg or .pdf and take it on a flash drive to a print shop. (We printed using the self-serve oversize machine at a FedEx print center. You’ll want to print this on oversize paper (sometimes called architect prints). The final size should be two feet by three feet. Once printed, use scissors to cut out the individual photo strips and hang them on your wall! We just used little removable Glue Dots to hang ours up.

I just love love love these! I’m actually having a hard time getting rid of them, maybe I’ll store them for a few years and bring them back out at Maggie’s graduation party. 😉 What do you think? Are you brave enough to try this little Photoshop project? xoxo

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

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14 thoughts on “How to Make Giant Photo Booth Strips

  1. After you glue the pictures to the board, do you cover them with a protectant or just leave them as-is? I would be worried that they would get messed up in my home.

    1. Hi Ashley! We didn’t cover them with anything because we were only leaving them up for the party. If you are looking to create something more permanent, you could cover with a sealant or ModPodge, or something similar. Thanks for your question!

  2. Hello!!!
    I have a MAC, but I am wondering what app you used for photoshop? I am having a hard time finding it.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Alicia! The program itself is Photoshop. You can use Photoshop Elements as well! If you’re on a computer, it will be a program rather than an app. Have fun!

  3. Hi,
    I have photoshop elements. Are any of the commands different? Also, my images do not fit perfectly inside each square without distorting the image- there are small spaces on each side. Is this normal? Am I missing something that allows you to autofit the image inside each square?
    Thank you-

    1. Hi Elle!
      Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Photoshop Elements so I don’t know off the top of my head whether the commands are the same. But I’m assuming they should be pretty similar. When you fit your images into the empty spaces are they actually distorting? Or is it that they’re too small and you have empty space? If they’re too small, you can enlarge them slightly to fill the fill area. Let me know and we’ll try to get it fixed!

      1. When I pull the corners the image does not distort. It shrinks or enlarges to fit top and bottom but the sides do not reach. I would need to pull the sides which would then distort the image.

        1. Gotcha. So it sounds like you need to enlarge the image overall to reach the sides of the boxes. You’ll end up losing some of the top/bottom of the image but you can recenter it to feature the right area. So if you hit Command + T, you’ll be able to transform the image. Then hold down the shift button while you drag one corner and the image will enlarge with its current ratio so no distortion will occur.

  4. Love this. We just went to Disney last month it’s was my two little ones 1st time. I’m doing a black and white Disney themed for my baby girls 3rd bday in September. Thanks for sharing this

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