Five Ways to Make Time for Your Health

Five Ways to Make Time for Your Health

Before Henry was born, I was pretty decent at taking care of myself. I mean, when you have all the time in the world to cook or go to the gym, it’s a piece of cake to think about and do the things that are good for you. And then came the age of the baby. Yeesh. I love being a parent but all of a sudden the day is completely full between working and momming and it’s so easy to get to 3 pm and realize that you have a headache because you haven’t had a single glass of water that day. (True story.) When literally every waking moment you have is packed, how do you take care of yourself? It’s a toughie.

I decided early on that I would make a few sacrifices to try to take care of my health as a mom. It’s so important to me for so many reasons — not the least of which is that I just feel like a better version of myself when I’m eating well, being active, staying hydrated, all that good stuff. So whether you’re a mom, or just crazy busy, or just trying to crush your New Year’s goals of taking better care of yourself, here are my five favorite ways to make some time for your health.

Get up Early

I know. I know. We’re not all morning people. But sometimes you just have to haul yourself out of bed to get a jump on the day. When Henry was about 2 months old I started getting up at 5:30 to go to the gym and it was the best gift I could have given myself (these days it’s more like 6, since I don’t have to pump first any more). I can get up, get to the gym for a serious sweat session, get back home, get showered and do my hair and makeup before anybody else in my house is even awake. (God bless my child who dutifully sleeps until 7:30 every morning!) That way, my body is awake and alert, I’ve gotten my workout in, I feel fresh and pumped and ready to take on the day.

Water Water Water

I heard a trainer at my gym say to someone the other day that the body responds to water like nothing else. And it’s so true! Can’t you feel it when you are dehydrated? I feel slow, foggy, and just… ick. So I’ve trained myself to just always have a tumbler of water with me, period. It follows me all over the house while I work and I take it with me in the car. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I always drink more when it’s out of a cute cup (like this one! or you can make your own!).

Take Your Vitamins

Another thing that I always forget makes me feel good? Taking a really good multivitamin. Knowing that I’m supplying my body with the nutrients it needs gives me a little peace of mind, and it’s something that literally only takes a few seconds to accomplish every day. I’ve been taking the OLLY Super Food Women’s Multi, which has all the usual goodies in a multivitamin, plus a gang of antioxidants that most other multis don’t have. It’s got phytonutrients from some of the most nutritious foods on the planet, so if you’re short a couple of veggies for the day it gives you the extra nutrient boost you need. When I’m taking a good multi like this one, hands down I have better energy reserves to get me through the day. The OLLY Superfoods line is now available at all Target stores in the U.S., in addition to (Psst — you can get 20% off your first subscription of any OLLY product right here with the code SUPER20, valid until March 30!)

Five Ways to Make Time for Your Health

Snack Well

You never have to tell me to eat twice. I’m alllll about snack time. But obviously not all snacks are created equal. Instead of just pounding the nearest candy bar, take a few quick minutes to get something balanced. A little protein goes a long way at snack time; picks like greek yogurt, cheese & crackers, or apple & peanut butter make me feel balanced and fueled enough to stay focused. You do not want to hang out with me if I miss that snack, guys.

Set Healthy Reminders

This is a new one for me! I set a few reminders on my smartphone throughout the day to stop whatever I’m doing, get up, and do something active for one minute. Sometimes I’ll plank for a minute, or do a minute’s worth of squats or pushups, or whatever strikes my fancy. It gets the blood pumping and is the perfect way to break up a day without spending a ton of time. That, and my plank game is getting strong.

So! What other time savers do you have up your sleeve when it comes to looking out for your health? For some reason, it’s the easiest thing to let slide when we get busy (especially, I feel, for women), but perhaps the thing that we should make the most important. I really believe that when a body feels healthy so many other things fall into place. I’d love for you to share more tips in the comments, and I hope that a few pieces of my routine make their way into your days too! xoxo

Five Ways to Make Time for Your Health

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