Drawn to You // 7

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Okay, raise your hand if you used to doodle all day long in your school notebooks! When Isabela and I were brainstorming something for this month’s Drawn to You, we thought it would be fun to get into the back to school spirit. Which obviously made me think of the opening scene in Grease, because I’m a theatre nerd at heart. And suddenly I was dancing around the house singing the lyrics to Summer Nights, and then Isa made all my dreams come true with this illustration!

I just love the block lettering — I used to think I was so cool with all of my block letters drawn on my binders. I swear, this could have been ripped right out of my 10th grade science notebook.

So if you or your kids are headed back to school, I hope this gives you some fun summer memories to cling to while you’re studying. You can download it for your desktop or phone, or print it and frame that baby! Get all the downloads below. And be sure to check out Isa’s shop for more of her incredible work! xoxo


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