DIY Wood +Gold Leaf Gift Card Holder

December 10 2015 |

How to Make a Wood and Leather Gift Card Holder

How to Make a Wood and Leather Gift Card Holder

I admit it, okay?! Sometimes it’s just plain easier to give a gift card. I have whole mess of people in my life who would rather receive some moolah to their favorite store than another scarf or pair of mittens. And that’s okay! In fact, it’s kind of awesome, because I can just stock up on card to a bunch of different stores from Gift Card Mall and call it good. But the real DIY quandary is how to wrap all of those cards, right?! I mean, I guess you could stick it in an envelope and hand it over but where’s the drama in that? Up your game, people! Here’s a quick little project that’ll knock your pals’ socks off when you hand over their packaged gift card — wood, leather, and gold leaf never looked so pretty.


Make Time: 30 Minutes (Plus Drying Time)

How to Make a Wood and Leather Gift Card Holder

Step 1: Paint the front side of one wooden rectangle.

Step 2: While the paint is still wet, place little patches of gold leaf on the wood so that the leaf sticks to the paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly afterward.

Step 3: Cut two leather rectangles. One should be 3″ x 2 1/2″ and the other should be 3″ x 1/2″. Round two corners on the large piece and one end of the small piece.

Step 4: Spread E6000 on the two long edges of the large piece.

Step 5: Affix the large piece to the two pieces of wood, with the painted side facing out (as though you were attaching a spine to a book).

Step 6: Affix the small piece to the back outer edge of the unpainted wood piece. This will be your latch.

Step 7: Place a small piece of velcro on the end of the small piece of leather and the corresponding velcro on the painted wood; be sure they match up when the holder is closed.

Step 8: Allow all paint and glue to dry thoroughly. Then place a small glue dot on the back of your gift card and place it inside the holder. Close the holder, secure the velcro, and you’re all wrapped up!

How to Make a Wood and Leather Gift Card Holder

Aren’t these rad?! I’m planning on mass producing a bunch of them while I watch White Christmas and Love Actually (only the two best Christmas movies ever). And if you’re needing to search through a nice array of gift cards, hit up Gift Card Mall at your local grocery store or right here online. Then wrap ’em all up in your fancy holders, pop them under the tree, and high five yourself for being so crafty. Happy wrapping! xoxo

How to Make a Wood and Leather Gift Card Holder

How to Make a Wood and Leather Gift Card Holder


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