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diy glitter thumbtacks

I’ve been craving a real-life inspiration board.  I mean, Pinterest is great.  But sometimes I come across scraps of ephemera in the real world that I want to be able to pin up right in front of me, so I can be inspired by them all the time.  We’ll get to the actual board next time around, but we’re gonna start with the pins.  Let’s do it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • plain thumbtacks
  • porous surface to hold tacks
  • Elmer’s glue
  • glitter
  • ModPodge Dimensional Magic

Stick all of the tacks into a porous surface that will hold them while you work.  I used a scrap of corkboard.  Cover the head of each tack with Elmer’s.  Sprinkle the glue generously with glitter.

Glue and glitter all of the tacks.  Let the glue dry for about an hour, and gently dust off the excess glitter.  Then cover each tack with the Dimensional Magic.  You may have to experiment with the right amount to get it to stay on the head of the tack without overflowing.

Let the Dimensional Magic dry, and add another coat if you like.  A second coat will add a little shine and volume to the top of your tacks.  Let them dry overnight and you’ll have the sparkliest tacks in town!  I’m also pretty stoked to show you the full inspiration board, so check it out next week to see the tacks in action.  xoxo

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54 thoughts on “diy glitter thumbtacks

  1. I just made these (like 2 mins ago) and I’ll be using them for my escort card pinboard. You can never go wrong with glitter!

  2. My super pretty glittery thumbtacks are now drying by the fire. The perfect activity for a wintery Tasmanian afternoon! Thanks so much for posting this DIY.

  3. These are so cute! I can’t wait to try them! I also another glitter idea like this, but with magnets. Both ideas are a great way to add glitter to your life 🙂

  4. Do you think a spray sealant would work? Thinking of these as centers for my bridesmaids’ pinwheel bouquets, but I don’t have modpodge dimension magic and I do have spray sealant!

    1. I think spray sealant would work, but it will give you a different look so just be prepared for that. It will have less of a shiny, rounded top. Let me know how it goes!

        1. Hi! It would definitely work but it won’t have a shiny finish — the matte finish is flat, without any shine. You could do a test patch to see how you like it!

  5. This would probably work great on brads for scrapbooking too! Glitter brads from the store are so expensive. I’m thinking about trying it out to use on my DIY fan programs for my upcoming wedding.

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