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DIY Tassel Chain Necklace

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

I love, love, looove when a DIY project costs me zero dollars. I had all of these supplies laying around and decided that my accessories collection needed a little updating, so I found a quick and easy way to put together this little DIY tassel chain necklace! You might not have all of the materials in your supply closet, but they’re pretty easy on your wallet anyway. Let’s make ’em so we can all be matchy-matchy.


Make Time: 30 Minutes

Begin by creating a 30″ length of chain. Do this by loosening one link with your pliers and separating the 30″ from the rest of the chain. Keep the loose link open, and insert it through the end link on the opposite end of the 30″ chain. The links on both ends of the chain should be in the open link. Close that link securely with your pliers so that you have created a necklace.

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

Next, create a few pieces of chain, each approximately 7″ in length. I let mine vary a bit; you can be more specific if you like. Make more or less of these depending on how full you’d like your tassel. I used about 10 pieces.

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

Gather the pieces together so that they are even with each other and fold them over the necklace.

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

Arrange them so that they lay as flat as possible. Cut a small strip of leather about 1/4″ wide and long enough to circle the tassel. Apply a bit of E-6000 to one end of the leather, wrap the leather around the tassel tightly, and adhere it closed.

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

Allow the glue to dry, slip your necklace over your head, and rock out your new accessory! Just a side note — I did test my necklace by giving the individual chains in the tassel a tug to be sure they weren’t going to come loose. They held strong, so just be sure that your leather is tight enough and it should be okay. Have fun! xoxo

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace


DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

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15 thoughts on “DIY Tassel Chain Necklace

  1. ooh! this is so cool! I’m totally going to try it. I haven’t come across such a chic and uncomplicated but pretty Jewelry DIY in a long time. I’m so excited to make my own.

  2. great DIY! nice combo of leather and chain here. I totally get your choice to make this.. last year I made a similar tassel necklace (thread and beads though) because I just really *needed* a new yellow necklace. Love it!

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  4. No-cost jewelry – woot! I was thinking of what to do with the extra silver chains from my previous craft projects, and now I know! Thanks Chelsea! xx

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