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Blogging // Events

Offline Events

More and more, I’m loving getting offline and out into the world to create events and experiences that relate back to Lovely Indeed. I love the internet dearly. I know it sounds weird, but I do. It makes so many things possible and I’ve met some beautiful people through this here blog. But after a while, I find myself craving in-person interaction, and so offline events have been where it’s at for me lately.

I really feel like I’m not the only one who’s searching for these personal interactions more; it seems like bunches of people are either putting together events or looking for places to gather and create. And I love that! Working online can be a very isolating thing, so I think it’s crucial to seek out opportunities to connect in real life. Like real people. Over the last year, I’ve planned, executed, and attended my fair share of events, so I thought I’d share a few bits and pieces about how you can do the same if you’re craving that same person-to-person connection, too.

Start Small. No events in your area? No problem. Call a few friends or reach out online to like-minded bloggers who might be near you. All it takes is a ringleader and I promise that people will want to come and connect. It can be as simple as planning a get-together with a few creatives for coffee, and it’ll still be an inspiring gathering. Even better, invite some folks over and tell them to bring whatever it is they might be working on — have a crafternoon together.

Find a Workshop. Lots of cities have shops that hold creative gatherings like craft nights or workshops. Check out your local stores and see if they have anything that sounds fun. If you’re near a West Elm or an Anthropologie, you’re in luck — they put together some of the best workshops around. And if you can’t find any workshops near you, heck, make one. Stick your neck out and ask your favorite store if you can host a gathering there. You’ll benefit, they’ll benefit, and hopefully you’ll end up with a batch of new creative buddies.

Invest in a Conference. While it’s a larger time and financial commitment, creative conferences are the ultimate place to make connections. Some of the folks that I met during my first time at Alt are now my closest friends. There are creative conferences popping up all over the country; put your ear to the ground and see if you can find the closest one to you.

I’d love to know if in-person interactions are something that’s important to you! If you’re in the online industry, is that something you find yourself missing? And if you’re not, do you find yourself wanting to connect creatively outside of work? Seriously, if I could throw a party and invite every last one of you, I would. Let’s make that happen. xoxo

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15 thoughts on “Blogging // Events

  1. It’s totally important! I work full time in an office as a copy writer, then do my blog and freelance writing on the side. So even though I go to an office 40 hours a week, it’s still working on a computer with words. I have reached out to a few local bloggers in Dallas and hope to hang out with them soon! 🙂

  2. I totally agree! And even have something in the works for opening a space in San Francisco. Would love to have you come up and host something there! PS are you going to Craftcation in April?

  3. I’ve gotten so much out of so many of the blogger-hosted events I’ve attended and I’ve been thinking more and more lately about putting myself out there to host one or two myself — this a great reminder of the importance of offline!

  4. I LOVE off-line events!

    Unfortunately, a lot of the how-to events in Los Angeles are getting really expensive, and having already attended a conference this year, it limits the paid off-line events I can go to. I am a big fan of the craft/style/tutorial events that cost between $0-30.

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