DIY Resin Conversation Heart Paperweights

How to Make Resin Conversation Heart Paperweights

How to Make Resin Conversation Heart Paperweights

I am on a resin kick! I always feel so fancy when I find a new material that looks like it’s really hard to work with but in all actuality is a total snap. That’s resin, folks. We have a few projects like this one coming up and I can’t wait to share! But for now, how about an easy DIY that you can personalize and give to all of your besties this Valentine’s Day? I think some conversation heart paperweights will probably do the trick. These things are fun to make, cool to look at, and will definitely have a DIY wow-factor when you gift them to your besties.

Step 1: Mix the resin according to the instructions on the packaging. Put equal parts of resin and hardener into a cup and stir for two minutes. Transfer to another cup and continue to stir for another two minutes.
Step 2: Pour the resin into the heart mold. Fill about halfway.
Step 3: Gently set your beads down on the surface of the resin, being sure to account for the reversed letters; what you see on top of the resin will be the back side of the paperweight. The beads should sink toward the bottom. A note about this step: as you’re adding the beads and letting them sink to the bottom, they may shift in their positions. Use a toothpick to gently nudge them back into place. Don’t push them all the way to the bottom of the mold; try not to let them touch but just have them hover above the bottom.
Step 4: Allow the resin to cure according to the instructions in the kit.
Step 5: Once cured, remove the paperweights from the molds.

I have to tell you, I agonized over what words to put in these! I debated for a while about using some of the old tried-and-true conversation heart sayings but in the end I made up a few of my own. What’s better than a conversation heart that demands brunch?! Nothing, I tell ya. Have fun! xoxo

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How to Make Resin Conversation Heart Paperweights

How to Make Resin Conversation Heart Paperweights

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  1. I’m so bummed that the directions are no longer linked via Darby Smart. Is there a way to still have directions to this DIY? I was looking for a Galentine’s craft for a my party.

    1. Hi Sharon! Sorry about that. Darby has a habit of pulling content down and not letting us know. I just updated the post so that the instructions are available. Hope you have a great time! I’d love to see photos if you end up trying it out! xo

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