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I’ve been waiting for a bit to post these little cuties, so I’m pretty excited to feature them for you today! Mr. Lovely and I hemmed and hawed for quite a while about how to label place settings at our wedding reception. We wanted something a little quirky (surprise, surprise) yet easy to read, and something that was well-integrated with the rest of our crazy ideas.  Out shopping one day, we saw these tags in Forever 21 (don’t judge us) and got totally inspired.

We went to an office supply store and bought some pre-strung manilla shipping labels. (They’re Avery brand, size 3 3/4 x 1 7/8.  We got 150 pieces for about $10 total.) Mustaches and lips have been popping up in different places during our planning, so we wanted to incorporate them here, too. I carved some rubber stamps from pink erasers (see the full DIY post here), and set them aside.

Then, Mr. Lovely, who is now a champion on our vintage Smith-Corona typewriter, sat down and typed out everybody’s first name and last initial, one name per card. After that, boys got a mustache stamp and girls got lips. (In case you’re catching up, that little typewriter is a trooper. We also used it to ask bridesmaids and groomsmen to be in the wedding, and to address our Save-the-Dates.  At the reception, it’ll be part of the guestbook table.)

We tied a knot on the end of the strings attached to each tag, and our plan is to tie the strings to the back of each person’s chair, so the tags will flutter in the breeze. (Also, it’ll keep a little clutter off the tables!) xoxo

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  1. Love it! For my daughters preschool class we cut out many lips and mustache scrapbook paper, punched a little hole in them and put them on suckers. Then while the 3 and 4 years ate them it looked like that had big huge lips and mustache. So fun.