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diy brooch bouquet: part i

I’m pretty excited to share this one — I’ve been planning this project since a couple of weeks after Mr. Lovely proposed, and actually working on it for about four months now.  And she’s finally finished.

I came across some amazing bridal bouquets online,  made not from flowers but from vintage brooches, and got totally inspired.  I love the idea because it’s kind of funky and new but also presents a chance to include things from the past in the wedding ceremony, so I tackled it.  Here’s how you can tackle it, too.

Find two sturdy, medium-sized silk hydrangea flowers from a craft store, and wire them together with floral wire.

Collect bunches of vintage brooches and wire them.  Very carefully wind floral wire around the base of each brooch, then twist the wire around itself, leaving a wire “stem” about 12 inches long.  Wrap the stem with floral tape.

Using the hydrangeas as a base form, insert the brooches on their stems one by one into the silk flowers.  This can be pretty painstaking, because you’ll need to decide where each brooch should go aesthetically, and hold the bunch of stems firmly together while you’re inserting each new stem.  After you’ve inserted them all, secure with a few layers of very tightly wound floral tape.  Trim the stems to a uniform length.

Using a 1-inch wide silk ribbon, wrap the stems, securing the ribbon with hot glue.  To make a collar for the bouquet, sew a gathering stitch along one side of a length of 2-inch silk ribbon.  Cut, gather, and sew the ends together to make a ring of ribbon.  Slide this up the stems of your bouquet.

I chose to finish my bouquet with a few extra little touches — but that’s enough for today!  Come back tomorrow to see the final product, and to hear exactly what I included in mine.  Until tomorrow, Lovelies!  xoxo

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