DIY Printable Thanksgiving Food Label Cards

DIY Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

DIY Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

We hosted our first Thanksgiving in our new home last year and I loved it. I loved having people in our house, being the gal in charge of everyone’s experience, and making it beautiful for our families. Whether or not you’re hosting, if you need something to help organize the holiday buffet you can download these pretty cards and use them to set a theme for the whole day. And yes, of course people know that the turkey is turkey and the stuffing is stuffing — but isn’t it about the little extra things that make a day like Thanksgiving special? So get out your prettiest plates and some real napkins, and label your food for goodness sake!


Make Time: 20 Minutes

Step 1: Download our Thanksgiving Label Printables. Note: These are special files meant to work with Avery’s Design & Print Online platform, so don’t fret if it seems like it didn’t download properly! Just carry on to the next step.

Step 2: Open the files at

Step 3: Choose to print on the Small Tent Cards (product #5302).

Step 4: Insert the image into the card template, and follow the instructions to print! Use the toolbar on the left to add and edit any text you like if you’d like to be more specific with your dishes. To do this, just use the file labeled “Add your own title.”

Step 5: Once your image is complete, print on the blank tent card sheet. Separate the tent cards from the sheet on the perforated lines, fold into small tents, and place on your buffet.

So do you have your Thanksgiving plans lined up already? Is it a family affair or more of a Friendsgiving? Either way, these little cards are a perfect extra touch for an absolutely lovely day. xoxo

DIY Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

DIY Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

DIY Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

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