DIY Paint-Dipped Flatware

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DIY Paint Dipped Flatware

DIY Paint Dipped Flatware

Hey kittens! Coming atcha today with a quick DIY that’ll take ya no time at all. I made these paint-dipped utensils and we’ve been using them as our outdoor flatware all summer! Since the theme of the day is quick and easy, let’s get right down to it. You’ll have your own paint-dipped flatware in no time… flat. (Oh come on, I had to.)


  • plain set of flatware (cheap is good! think dollar store stuff.)
  • latex paint
  • waterproof polyurethane sealant
  • sandpaper
  • twine
  • binder clips
  • cardboard or other material to catch paint drips

Make Time: 1 Hour (Plus Drying Time)

DIY Paint Dipped Flatware

Step 1: Lightly sand the handles of the flatware to rough them up so the paint will adhere.

Step 2: Dip the handle of your flatware into the paint.

Step 3: Rig up a string of twine so it’s suspended. Clip a binder clip over the twine and onto the utensil so that it hangs to drip dry. Be sure to place your cardboard underneath to catch all the paint drips.

Step 4: Repeat with all flatware and allow it to hang dry. We let ours hang for a good few days to really cure and harden.

Step 5: If desired, dip into the poly sealant to add an extra layer of protection. I recommend this if you’re planning on getting a lot of use out of your pieces!

Step 6: Allow the poly to dry and cure for another few days. Then remove the flatware, hand wash, and eat up!

DIY Paint Dipped Flatware

See? So simple! It’s literally dip, repeat, dip, repeat. I love ’em! And I’m kind of wondering if, when you get tired of the color, you could just dip right over it with a new color. Maybe we’ll try it in the fall?! Happy making! xoxo

DIY Paint Dipped Flatware

DIY Paint Dipped Flatware

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  6. I am assuming these would need to be hand washed and kept away from heat, especially using latex paint. Any other paint options that would stand up to dishwashers?