Kids’ Christmas Tree Ideas

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A kids’ Christmas tree is such a fun addition to your Christmas home decor! Check out these fun ideas to make a tree for your kiddos easy, festive, and fun.

Christmas decoration idea: a mini tree in the kids' room
Christmas decoration idea: a mini tree in the kids' room

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the year when Henry would be old enough to have a little tree of his own in his room, and lo and behold, he asked for one on his own this year! So a kids’ Christmas tree finally happened!

We were cruising the Christmas decorations aisle and he pointed to a little mini tree and said, “Mommy, that’s my tree for MY room.” And I turned into a puddle of holiday cheer. 

We kept cruising and he picked out a few other things on his own. Read on to find out which picks have worked out the best.

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Choosing The Right Kids’ Christmas tree

He chose the little tree right off the bat, and it happened to be just the right size. For a kids’ Christmas tree, I recommend a 4′ tree. Here’s a white one that’s great quality for the price. It’s tall enough to hold plenty of ornaments that they’ll most likely collect over the first few years of their lives, but small enough that it won’t take up a ton of space.

You can even to a slim tree, like this one.

And of course, I always recommend a pre-lit tree, to avoid the annoyance of stringing lights on every year.

Choose Your Ornaments Wisely

Henry found those insanely adorable rainbow felt ball garlands and totally went straight for them. I agreed wholeheartedly, so that was our first pick. I liked the garland because it was soft and unbreakable. Perfect for kiddos. (Here’s a similar one.)

Then he saw some glass ball ornaments and I was like, “Welllll, buddy, those are glass…” so we steered toward some unbreakable plastic ones instead and found these nutcracker ornaments!

Which I thought were kind of hilarious, and he loved them too. They were kind of a no-brainer. Shatterproof or plastic ornaments are a great idea for a kids’ Christmas tree.

I wish I could find these to link to, but I’ve only ever seen them in Michaels, a couple of years back. If I find them again, I’ll drop a link.

Christmas decoration idea: a mini tree in the kids' room

Add some Holiday Decor around your Kids’ Christmas Tree

I like to add a few things around the base of a kids’ Christmas tree to fill it out.

I fell in love with that mistletoe pillow and snagged it. Meanwhile, Henry fell in love with the Santa pillow, which I had to admit was cute. So they both came home with us.

My vintage addition were those gold and pearl picks that are stuck in the tree everywhere; they used to be on my Grandma’s Christmas tree and I’ve kept them on ours forever.

I thought they filled out the little mini tree nicely, and Henry likes them because he thinks they make the tree look like a rocket ship.

And by the way, can we just stop and appreciate pre-lit trees for a second? I’m a hardcore Christmas gal and I love my freshly cut trees, but these little ones with the lights already strung just make it so dang easy.

So thank you world, for pre-lit trees.

Happy Holidays!

Do you have kiddos? Do you do a kids’ Christmas tree in their room? I’m so excited to have this in Hank’s room for the month, and he is too. Merry Christmas! xoxo

Christmas decoration idea: a mini tree in the kids' room
Christmas decoration idea: a mini tree in the kids' room

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Christmas decoration idea: a mini tree in the kids' room

How to Create a Kids' Christmas Tree

Yield: Kids' Christmas Tree
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $100

These kids' Christmas tree ideas will make your holiday decor easy, fun, and super festive!


  • 4' Christmas tree
  • shatterproof ornaments
  • various tree decor


  • Ornament hooks
  • Scissors


  1. Choose a pre-lit, 4' Christmas tree in your desired color.
  2. Choose some kid-friendly, shatterproof ornaments and decorations.
  3. Find a soft garland.
  4. Let your kids help decorate their tree!

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