DIY Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

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How to Make Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

How to Make Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

Didja try our Mezcal Mule recipe from yesterday?! No matter what you like to put in your mule mug, we’ve got a rad project today so that you and your guests can keep track of which drink is which at your Cinco de Mayo shindig! I’m loving these DIY mule mug tassels, especially organized in a pretty rainbow. Why is rainbow order so dang satisfying?!


Make Time: 5 Minutes Per Tassel Set

How to Make Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard about 3″ x 10″. Wrap your embroidery thread around it in different colors, about 20 wraps per color.

Step 2: For each color, cut two additional pieces of thread about 10″ each.

Step 3: Remove one color from the cardboard, keeping the loops intact. Fold the loops in half over one of the extra pieces of thread.

Step 4: Take the other extra piece of thread and loop it over itself, laying the loop on top of the folded threads. Tightly wrap the long end of this thread around the folded threads and over itself multiple times.

Step 5: Tuck the end of the thread through the loop you made.

Step 6: Pull the upper end of that thread to tighten the loop and lock it into place.

Step 7: Trim the top of the thread and snip through all of the loops on the bottom of the tassel. Trim to even them out.

Step 8: Take the long thread from which the tassel is hanging and tie the tops together. Trim the ends.

Step 9: Repeat all of the steps to make an additional tassel in each color. When you fold these loops over, fold them over the knot in the long thread so that you’ll end up with two tassels hanging from that same loop.

Tie the tassels around mugs as you hand out drinks at your Cinco festivities and your guests will never lose track of what they’re sipping! I also just think they’re pretty fun as an extra little decoration — hang them from cabinet doors, keychains, anywhere! xoxo

How to Make Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

How to Make Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

How to Make Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

How to Make Moscow Mule Mug Tassels

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  1. Have been seeing these colourful tassels pretty much everywhere. And now i’m positive they go on absolutely everything! Gorgeous DIY <3

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