DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

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DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

I just love to see what our DIY gal-pal Kara dreams up! This time she’s helping you up your comfy factor for game night while you play some of our DIY games. Make a few of her colorful floor pillows and get ready for some game night fun!

Chelsea is known for her colorful and modern takes on traditional board games (I am personally OBSESSED with all of them). To go along with all her amazing games, I wanted to share these DIY large colorful floor pillows to lounge on while playing. I must admit I was unsure about the pillows would turn out, but I was surprised with how easy it was. All you need are basic sewing skills and you will be on your way to a more colorful game night too!

DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows


  • 1 Yard of Home Decor Weight Fabric
  • Poly-Fil  (1-2 large bags per pillow)
  • 4 yards Gold or colorful piping trim (you can find this online)
  • Basic sewing supplies (sewing machine, sewing foot, zipper foot, scissors, pins)

DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

Step 1: Cut out your fabric into two large 22″ circles. I used a large serving tray as my circle template. You will also need two 5″ wide by 35″ long strips of fabric as well to use for the sides of the pillow.

Step 2: Sew the two strips together on one end to create one long strip.

Step 3: Pin your piping trim to the long strip on both sides and sew onto the strip.

Step 4: Pin your strip to the first circle making sure that the right sides are together. That’s the part of the fabric that shows the print.

Step 5: Continue pining until the whole circle is pinned to the side strip.

Step 6: Sew the side strip with the piping to the circle. You may want to use a zipper foot during this step to ensure you are as close to the piping as possible. You want only the round piece of piping to show on the outside. So double check after the first few inches to make sure the piping looks correct.

Step 7: Repeat the pinning and sewing for the second circle to the other side of the side strip. Making sure to leave the seam where the two ends of the strip come together open. Snip the seams on both sides of the side strip so that the piping lays flat when turned right side out.

Step 8: Turn your pillow right side out through the hole. Then, stuff with the Poly-fil making sure to push the filling into every section of the pillow. You want it to be nice ans fluffy!

Step 9: Use a needle and thread or fabric glue to glue the side seam closed one the pillow is full. Repeat as many times as you want to create a whole assortment of DIY large colorful floor pillows for your next game night!

DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

DIY Large Colorful Floor Pillows

Now to have the cutest DIY large colorful floor pillows to go along with your colorful DIY games. All you need is a bowl of popcorn and you’re ready for a fun night game playing with the fam! Oh, and for more colorful projects and DIY’s, be sure to check out my blog too! xo. Kara

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    1. The stripe one is Habitat Raise the Roof, Jay McCarroll for FreeSpirit Fabrics and the aztec type one is from a tapestry that Target had on sale last year during back to school time so I don’t think it is available any more.

  1. it is so beautiful love your style !
    I know that are looking for people who know how to DIY etc
    recommend you check it out 🙂