DIY Honeycomb Pumpkin Drink Stirrers

DIY Honeycomb Pumpkin Picks

DIY Honeycomb Pumpkin Picks

File this one under “Super Quick Quickies that Will Make You Look Like a Genius.” You have a file folder with that label, right? Me too. I was subjecting Hank to yet another Michaels shopping trip the other day when I spotted these cute little honeycomb picks. My brain immediately flashed Halloween!!! and so I tossed them in my cart all proud of myself for thinking up this little 3-minute DIY. And I know you’re like I’m busy let’s get to the point already! And I agree. So here we go!


Make Time: 2 Minutes per Pumpkin

DIY Honeycomb Pumpkin Picks

Step 1: Cut out a bunch of tiny pumpkin stems from the brown cardstock. We cut them freehand, because you kind of can’t go wrong with a pumpkin stem. Just make them a relative size to your honeycomb balls.

Step 2: Cut out a bunch of lengths of floral wire, about 1″ each.

Step 3: Wind the pieces of floral wire around a pick a few times to make them twirly. Leave either end straight and just curl the middle. Pull off the end of the pick.

Step 4: Push a straight end of one of your pieces of wire down in the center of the top of one of the honeycomb balls. It should fit snugly enough that it won’t fall out.

Step 5: Place a tiny dot of hot glue next to the wire at the top of the pumpkin. Sink one of your pumpkin stems down into the hot glue.

Keep making pumpkins until the cows come home! You can use these at your Halloween parties — pop them into drinks like stir sticks, or stack up some sweets and hold them together with a pick. They’d be really adorable in sliders or other finger foods, too. Or if you’re feeling sassy just put one in your hair and call it a day! xoxo

DIY Honeycomb Pumpkin Picks

DIY Honeycomb Pumpkin Picks

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