diy gold dipped utensils

Prepare yourselves for the easiest DIY evah!  I found these little spoons recently at Pearl River Market (which you have to go check out if you’re in NYC), and I wanted to fancy them up a bit.  {Cue gold paint.}

Literally, the steps are: dip spoons, hang dry.  I used this gold paint again, and rigged a string in my windowsill where I could drip-dry the spoons.  Clip your spoons on a line to dry, and put a small dropcloth underneath to catch any errant drips.

I can’t wait to use these the next time we entertain!  They’ll be perfect for spooning out delish appetizers and goodies.  I’m doing da dip!  (Sorry, that had to happen.)  xoxo

12 thoughts on “diy gold dipped utensils”

  1. What kind of paint did you use? Acrylic, enamel, kind for wood. Please let me know. Couldn’t you use other colors to match brides registry?

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