DIY Gift Idea for Kids: Make a Pineapple Doll

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How to make a pineapple doll

How to make a pineapple doll

How to make a pineapple doll

I’m just giddy over here about this DIY fruit doll series! Your love for Annie Apple and Lucy Lemon have only made me more pumped to share today’s tutorial for Penny Pineapple with you. Penny Pineapple is actually the doll that started it all. If you missed the history, check out our first post right here. These have become quite the big deal in my family, and it’s been so fun to share them here. Maggie and Henry’s great-great-grandmother made these, and handed them down the generations. When Maggie was given Penny Pineapple she loved it so much she almost destroyed it. And in an effort to preserve the family heirloom, I made these tougher versions so Maggie could play with them as hard as she liked and they wouldn’t fall apart. So! Here’s a DIY gift idea for kids: make a pineapple doll.


Make Time: 2 Hours

How to make a pineapple doll

Step 1: Download and print our Face/Arms/Legs pattern, and our Pineapple pattern. Cut out the pieces that you’ll need according to the numbers marked on the pattern.

Step 2: Follow Steps 2-10 from our Apple Doll post to create the doll. Just replace “Pineapple” wherever it says “Apple!” Instead of embroidering a shine on the pineapple, embroider the little check marks to imitate texture on the front yellow piece of the pinapple. We used straight stitches.

Step 3: Cut the leaf shapes from the green felt. Use Fabric Fusion glue to glue them on. Three large leaves should go on the base of the front and back of the neck. Then over those, two smaller leaves should go on each side, front and back. Allow all glue to dry thoroughly.

I have to know — which doll so far is your favorite? I can’t wait to share our final girl, Suzie Strawberry next week. xoxo

P.S. See all the fruit dolls right here!

How to make a pineapple doll

How to Make Fruit Dolls

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  1. Loving this little series – I think Penny Pineapple might be my new favorite! And seeing Maggie with all her dolls is always so sweet. 🙂