DIY Gift Idea for Kids: Make a Lemon Doll

December 6 2017 |

How to make a lemon doll

How to make a lemon doll

I was so happy to see that you were all so excited about our apple doll earlier this week! We’re continuing this special little project today with none other than Lucy Lemon! In case you missed it, check out our last post to hear the whole story of how and why these cutie fruity dolls came to be. And in case you just want to get down to business, here’s a DIY gift idea for kids: make a lemon doll.


Make Time: 2 Hours

How to make a lemon doll

Step 1: Download and print our Face/Arms/Legs pattern, and our Lemon pattern. Cut out the pieces that you’ll need according to the numbers marked on the pattern.

Step 2: Follow Steps 2-10 from our Apple Doll post to create the doll. Just replace “Lemon” wherever it says “Apple!” Instead of embroidering a shine on the lemon, embroider a curved line on one side of the front piece of the lemon using yellow embroidery thread. We used a simple chain stitch.

Step 3: Cut the leaf shapes from the green felt. Use Fabric Fusion glue to glue two leaves to the front and two to the back of the lemon. Allow all glue to dry thoroughly.

I think Lucy Lemon might be my favorite of the four! (Suzie Strawberry is a close second.) The lemon shape of the body just makes for such a cute little doll. Also, a bit of trivia about these dolls — the set that my great grandmother made included boy dolls too. I just didn’t like the way that my boy hair was turning out, and the braided yarn hair is so cute I decided to make them all girls. There are actually a few other differences as well (my great grandmother’s were way more detailed!) but I really love how these turned out anyway. Did anyone make Annie Apple yet? Come back next week for our next doll in the series! xoxo

P.S. See all the fruit dolls right here!

How to make a lemon doll

How to make a lemon doll

How to make a lemon doll

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