diy fingerless gloves

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After having seen this tutorial from Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff, I was totally inspired to make some fingerless gloves for a Christmas gift.  (If you haven’t peeked at Ruffles and Stuff yet, you’ve got to go check it out!  Inspiration overload, in a totally good way.)  So I popped into my friendly neighborhood dollar store and got three big fat pairs of cozy men’s socks for $2.  Score.

They had a gray stripe around the ankle that I didn’t want, so I cut it and hemmed the edges.  Then, I sliced off the toes of the socks and sewed a zigzag stitch all around that edge to keep it from fraying.

Using some scrap fabric I had laying around, I cut out little hearts and hand-stitched them on the gloves.  Then, I sewed finger holes by using a straight stitch on the machine, sewing perpendicular to the zigzag stitch that finished the edge I had previously cut off.  Just half an inch of stitching per finger did the trick.

Then, I slipped my hand inside and marked a place for a thumb hole.  I cut a slit about an inch long and sewed around the edge with another zigzag stitch to finish it.  And that’s all she wrote!  Cozy, comfy, DIY goodness.

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