diy boozy brownie bites

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You (hopefully) read a little yesterday about our housewarming fiesta!  It was a truly excellent evening, filled with truly excellent food and drink.  But the piece de resistance (in my humble opinion) was the little take-home baggie that we prepared for our guests — Boozy Brownie Bites.

I found the recipe for Boozy Brownies here during a search for a fun dessert.  It’s easy peasy — I used a box mix to make super-fudgey brownies.  Right out of the oven, they were drizzled with some maple syrup-infused whiskey that Mr. Lovely has had in the freezer forever (finally, a good use for it!).  While the brownies cooled in the fridge, I made a buttercream frosting (use a hand mixer to cream a cup of butter, two cups of powdered sugar, and toss in a few tablespoons of rum for good measure).  I spread that on the brownies and let it chill.  Then, I melted some chocolate chips and spread those on the top of the whole shebang.  Chill it, cube it, and put it in a cute little baggie.  Done.

I finished off the baggie with some awesome free downloadable gift tags featured in Rue’s holiday edition. Tied them up with a little vintage rickrack, and sent our guests on their merry way with some extra Christmas cheer.  All in all, it was a pretty good night.  Perfect.

Don’t forget this week’s giveaway of some gorgeous stationery from Smock!  You can meet our interviewee, Cyd, and enter the giveaway here.  The more, the merrier!  xoxo

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