DIY Embroidered Easter Sweater

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DIY Embroidered Easter Sweater

DIY Embroidered Easter Sweater

Ryan and I were shopping the other day and came across a whole table full of embroidered sweaters with French sayings on them and cracked up laughing. Mostly because I wanted every single one of them. What is it about French words that get us all so riled up?! Do you think French girls are walking around with English phrases plastered all over their shirts? I have no idea and I don’t really care, because I think it’s adorable. Anyway. I got inspired to make a little Easter number and this was born! It says “I Love Bunnies” in French, and I know for sure because I double-checked my work with my mother, who used to be a French teacher. So there.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I asked Ryan to snap some photos of the final project and he was goofing around so much all I have are photos of me laughing like a maniac. So thanks for that, husband.

DIY Embroidered Easter SweaterMaterials

  • sweater
  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery thread
  • chalk pencil
  • embroidery hoop

Step 1: Use the chalk pencil to write your message on the front of your sweater. For a fun Easter touch, write “J’adore les lapins” — it means “I Love Bunnies” in French!

Step 2: Stretch the portion of the sweater that you’ll be embroidering across the embroidery hoop, being sure it’s taut enough to hold as you insert your embroidery needle. Thread your needle with embroidery thread and knot the ends together.

Step 3: Starting with your first letter, start embroidering a backstitch to trace your letters. Come up through the underside of the sweater with the needle, about 1/4″ ahead of the end of your first letter. Then insert the needle downward right at the end of the letter

Step 4: Finish your first stitch by coming up with the needle 1/4″ ahead of your first stitch, then insert it down into the actual stitch. This is a completed backstitch. Continue in the same manner, tracing along all of your words. If you run out of thread, simply knot it in the back of the sweater and start with a new thread in the same place.

Step 5: When you finish embroidering all of your words, knot your thread in the back and trim. All done! xoxo

DIY Embroidered Easter Sweater

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  1. I’m not sure if I missed it but I couldn’t help obsessing over the wall hanging in the back of the pictures! Tell me more about it please! And of course, the DIY sweater is very cute.

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  5. Hi there!

    I know this is an older post, but I stumbled upon it and absolutely love it!! I was hoping to try to make it but the link to the tutorial doesn’t exist 🙁 do you have any idea where to find it??

    Thanks!!! <3

    1. Hi Amanda!
      Thanks for your comment! Lots of our old posts with Darby Smart have broken links because they changed their format quite a bit. I’m in the process of updating them to include the tutorials right here on Lovely Indeed. Thank you for catching this one! I’ve included the tutorial instructions there and will be uploading photos in the next week or two. Hope this helps! xoxo