DIY Custom Cover for Annual Photo Book

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Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

It’s that time again! I’ve been sorting through all of our zillions of photos from the year to compile into an annual family photo book. I love this tradition, and to me it’s totally worth all of the work of organizing all of those photos. Looking back at our family photo books is always such a treat, especially now that Hank likes to look at them with us. And this year, after we had ours printed I decided to add a little custom DIY to the mix, because you know I can’t leave well enough alone. 😉

I came across the premium photo books from Mpix this year and really fell in love with the covers — they’re linen and they come in a bunch of colors, including my current favorite shade of aqua. So I got to work on their site and once I got the hang of the book editor it all came together in about 90 minutes. Seriously! You can customize every page if you like with different layouts, text, and all that jazz. I did a custom layout for every page and it still went super fast. I made myself a rule a few years back when I started putting together these albums, and it’s this: Don’t Agonize. You could spend days and days agonizing over every choice, but then you’ll most likely toss your hands up and forget the whole project. So I gathered all of my photos, uploaded them to the site, and popped them into the layouts. Mpix does the rest, and their printing makes it all look so beautiful. I especially love using full-frame layouts where the images go right up to the edges of the page — I think it looks so fun! And if you’re into the DIY cover, here’s the how-to.


Make Time: 30 Minutes

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Step 1: Download our printable 2016 template. If you have a cutting machine, upload the file to your machine’s software and cut out the design from the vinyl. If not, print and cut the design and trace it onto the back of the vinyl. Use the craft knife to cut out the design, leaving the rectangle outline and the numbers on the vinyl backing and pulling away the excess vinyl. Either way, be sure to reverse the image so that it’s correct when you iron it on.

Step 2: Place the design with the backing down on the front of your linen photo book. Be sure to center it. Smooth the design in place.

Step 3: With a hot iron, press firmly onto the clear backing of the vinyl. Press and hold for about 15 seconds in each area, being sure that it all adheres to the linen.

Step 4: Carefully pull away the clear backing; the gold design should remain affixed to the book.

That’s it! I love the gold against the aqua color of the book. And I love how the linen cover feels in your hands. Just a little something to make the book extra special! This one will be going on the shelf right next to our previous years — that is, after Henry finishes looking at it for the 37th time. (Have I mentioned that kid loves pictures?) xoxo

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

This post is sponsored by Mpix. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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  1. I really love this idea! I stopped developing photos a few years ago, but since my daughter was born, I should have done this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. We’re looking to create our own photo book with lots of negative space, to use as a guest book for our wedding! This would be such a cute cover with our initials or wedding date <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here