DIY Confetti Photobooth Backdrop

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While we’re getting used to being parents, I’ve invited a few of my darling blog pals to stop by and share a post or two with you! I’m so grateful for the awesome folks who have been helping out, and today we get to hear from Melanie of You Are My Fave. Here she is!

Some of my favorite posts from Chelsea are her clever photobooth backdrops so I decided to give it a try with the all purpose party supply, confetti.


  • tissue paper
  • 1/2 inch circle punch
  • white butcher paper or poster board
  • spray adhesive

Turn on an episode of Gilmore Girls and use the circle punch to create confetti from your tissue paper (the secret to cutting tissue paper is to punch several layers at once or it will get jammed and you’ll swear).

Once you’ve created a generous amount, lay out butcher paper or poster board and give it a good spray with the adhesive.

Quickly dump the confetti on top and gently pat down. Give the paper a good shake and collect the loose confetti.

Repeat the process until the paper is covered to your liking. Lay in the left over confetti and make a party angel.

I might be finding pieces of confetti scattered throughout my house for weeks after this but I’d say it was worth it.

Thanks Mel! For more adorable DIYs and lots of party inspiration, head over to You Are My Fave.

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