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diy colorblock bangle

So the other day I did this little DIY for The Sweetest Occasion, and I liked it so much I decided to make it wearable.  And thus, the colorblock bangle was born.

I had this old bangle that I wasn’t wearing any more but I didn’t want to throw it out (it’s actually from a trip to Brazil, made from a coconut shell).  So I decided to do a restyle that would update it, which I could also easily undo if I ever wanted the original bracelet back.  So grab an old bangle, a few colors of embroidery thread, a glue gun, and some scissors.

Match up the ends of all the skeins of embroidery thread and glue them to the inside of the bangle using a small dot of hot glue.  Choose one color and begin wrapping it tightly around the bangle, hiding the glue spot.  Be sure that you are also wrapping over the other colors of thread.

Continue until you want to switch colors.  When you change, simply start wrapping with the new color, ensuring that the old color is now being wrapped underneath the new.  Continue changing colors as you desire.

When you near the end, snip off the ends of the colors that you’re finished using.  Continue wrapping the final color to hide the ends.  Secure the final thread to the inside of the bracelet with a small dot of hot glue.  Snip the end.

Slip it on and be prepared for everyone to ask you where you got that amazing bracelet!  xoxo

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22 thoughts on “diy colorblock bangle

  1. Cute bangle, I love the different widths of colour stripes, they make it look very professionally done, and are lovely colour tones!
    ps not sure if it’s just my computer but the link to the Sweetest Occasion DIY wasn’t working for me.

      1. No worries, it’s all hunky-dory now – I just got trapped browsing through the Sweetest Occasion website for ages, so cheers for the introduction!

  2. Giiiirl, you’re awesome. I think I have an old bangle that could use a revamp….great idea! Have a fun bday weekend 🙂

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