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Stephanie Layton

Today’s wallpaper design comes to you straight from one of the most talented women I have the pleasure of knowing — the amazing Stephanie Layton! Steph was a college friend of Mr. Lovely’s, and not only is she a killer graphic designer, but she’s got all kinds of other magical talents up her sleeve, too. (She’s a crazy good piano player and accompanies lots of musical theatre in NYC, and she’s part of a swing vocal trio called The Tickled Pinks!)

Steph’s got an awesome portfolio site for her very own design company, Red Scandal Graphics — be sure to click around in all of her incredible work. I love how bold her style is, and how much color is in everything she does! And speaking of color, let’s hear a few words from this darling girl.

Stephanie Layton

I have to say, I just love this design and the sentiment behind it. I think maybe my favorite detail is the label on the can of paint. The quote on the wall is beautiful, but that one word on the paint can just hit me right in the gut. It makes me want to go out and create something.

Stephanie Layton

Be sure to download this beaut for your desktop, tablet, or phone! And big, huge thanks to Stephanie for the colorful inspiration. xoxo

Download for Desktop.
Download for Tablet.
Download for Phone.

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