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Today’s Desktop Designer wears so many hats it’ll make your head spin (no pun intended). Stacey Millett’s got creativity to spread around, so that’s what she does. She is a photographer both at her own studio and at Gather West Photography. She and her hubs run Oliver + Michele Productions, their own boutique design studio. And to top of all off, she’s the blogger behind The Sunday Sparkle. I have no idea how she does it all!

Somehow, between her gorgeous photography, her studio work, and her blog, she also found time to put together a desktop design for us! I love this one, because it’s so unlike any that we’ve had before. And I also love her inspiration for it. We all work so hard, and it’s a perfect reminder to kick up your heels every now and then. (Not to mention, it looks exactly like my desk!) Here’s more from Stacey.


stacey3This one is up for grabs in three sizes, so get ’em while they’re hot! Let’s clap it up for Stacey, too! Be sure to check out all of her links — you’ll get lots down a rabbit hole of awesomeness. Happy Friday! xoxo

Download for Desktop.
Download for Tablet.
Download for Phone.

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  1. This is a beautiful desktop design. Done and done it’s on my phone and my desktop. Simple and pretty. I lobe it thanks.